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About me

Annette Oppenlander writes historical fiction for young adults. When she isn’t in front of her computer, she loves indulging her dog, Mocha, and traveling around the U.S. and Europe to discover amazing histories.

“Nearly every place holds some kind of secret, something that makes history come alive. When we scrutinize people and places closely, history is no longer a number, it turns into a story.”

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Holiday Special Offer

If you’re looking for a great gift for your hard-to-buy-for teen or your Uncle Joe who loves historical adventure, I have just the right offer. Autographed and personalized copies of books one, two or all three of the ESCAPE FROM THE PAST trilogy, shipped to you* or the address you…

The Day Has Come

On sale right now: own the entire eBook trilogy for $7.36. When I visited Castle Hanstein’s ruins in Thuringia in May, 2012, I never dreamed I’d create a trilogy based on its history. Four years later I’m proud to share the news of the release of ESCAPE FROM THE PAST:…

What’s Next?

Here we are trying to pose. Have you ever been involved in a project that you really loved or were deeply connected to? Do you remember how you felt when it was finished? It’s a void, a kind of emptiness. At least that’s what I’m feeling right now after completing…

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