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Although I have a stack of unpublished magical realism books (to be finished), my love for historical biographical fiction was ignited when I won a 300 year old chunk of an disbound book on Ebay.

All I wanted was to hold old pages in my hand, but what I received was a whole lot more – a new phase of my writing career! Not only did I fall head-over-heels for the defendant, Elizabeth Cellier, in the trial but, when I begun to research her, I found so much more than details of her life. I found a love of telling true stories from the past. The Popish Midwife was the first of my ‘Seventeenth Century Midwives’ series. While exploring E.C.’s life, I came across the tales of three other midwives I want to tell as much as I wanted to tell hers.

Writing this book also gave me the push I needed to finally finish a book to publishing standard – after all, nobody would hear her story if they couldn’t read it!

The Popish Midwife is to be published by The Conrad Press on 25th June 2016.

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