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Anne Rouen is an award-winning Historical Fiction author from the New England region of NSW, Australia. Her debut historical romance and mystery series, Master of Illusion, was the winner of the 2014 Silver Medal for Historical Literature Fiction in the Global Ebook Awards. Her passion for writing has been inspired from a lifelong love of historical fiction and a strong connection with the glamour of 19th century France due to her own French heritage. You can follow Anne on social media and her blog!

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Letter From The Front

Whilst going through some old family papers and photographs I stumbled upon a small wooden box and in it found a real treasure: a letter, dated July 6th 1918, from my grandfather in France to my grandmother in Australia. It … Continue reading →

A Muse on Character

As with many in our language, the word character can be interpreted in several ways and mean different things to different people. For example: It may be used to describe someone with a distinctive individuality and/or eccentric personality. Or it … Continue reading →


  Trainwreck How often do we hear railway metaphors and similes used to describe dramatic events in our lives? We say that someone has made a trainwreck of their life; that our plans have been derailed; when we speak of … Continue reading →

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