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Anna Schmidt is a three-time finalist for the coveted RITA award presented annually by Romance Writers of America. Her novel A SISTER’S FORGIVENESS gives Anna her fourth finalist honor for the Reviewers’ Choice Awards from Romantic Times magazine. She has won that award twice before.

Anna is the author of over twenty-five works of historical and contemporary fiction including her most recent series—THE PEACEMAKERS – set in World War II. All God’s Children was released last fall and tells the story of Beth—an American Quaker trapped in Nazi Germany. Publisher’s Weekly had high praise for the novel noting that “The activities of the White Rose resistance group, as well as the prisoner uprising at the Sobibor concentration camp, are more than simple historical context. Schmidt seamlessly integrates these actual events…with her fictional characters, to produce a strong tale of hope and love in the face of insurmountable obstacles.”

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The Fight for Statehood for New Mexico

New Mexico (where my new series of western romances is set) was the 47th state to be brought into the Union. The battle to earn that status took decades and was not achieved until 1912. What took so long? Racism and prejudice reared their ugly heads time and again. Washington…


The first Harvey House opened in 1876 in Topeka, Kansas. At the height of his empire, Harvey had established 23 hotels and 54 dining rooms. At first, men served as waiters. But after a midnight brawl in New Mexico in 1883, Fred Harvey followed his manager’s advice to hire women…


      Before Fred Harvey–and his famous staff of Harvey Girl waitresses–came along (in 1876), patronizing a roadhouse that was near a water stop for the train was a traveler’s only food choice. Travelers often paid for the meal as part of their ticket, but when they arrived found…

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