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Anna Myers is the author of nineteen novels for young people, all published by Walker Books, New York, NY. Seventeen of those novels are historical fiction. As a child, she often heard a favorite teacher say, “If you don’t know where you’ve been, you can’t know where you’re going.” Myers likes to think her books help readers know where they’ve been. She is a popular speaker at schools, educational conventions, and writing conferences. Anna Myers is also a teacher and uses her home as a retreat for writers. To learn more about these learning sessions go to

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Guide to buying a motorbike

Riding a motorbike is an exciting feeling. It is thrilling and fun and drives one adrenaline up. People will drive a motorbike for various reasons as a sport, hobby or to discover the outside. Driving a motorcycle can also be dangerous and scary and it is essential that one has…

Advantages of mountain climbing

Human beings are naturally wired to want to explore things and to go on new adventures. Mountain climbing is one such activity but in this time and age where people spend hours just seated at the office, the mention of mountain climbing only brings to mind images of how tired…

Advantages of digital currency

The ease that digital currency brings cannot be overlooked. It has a lot of value in the money market. The numerous benefits of digital currency all play into making the payment process less hectic than it was in the past. Most of you have probably heard the term bitcoin. Don’t…

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