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The author of two 17th Century Family Sagas, and two Victorian Romances under the name Anita Davison. Royalist Rebel, my 17th Century Biographical novel of Elizabeth Murray, Countess Dysart is due for release by Claymore Books, an imprint of Pen and Sword Publishing in early 2013

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Olga by Ted Kelsey

Underground Book Reviews, an online magazine aimed at Inde Authors and their work have voted Ted Kelsey's Olga, a YA novel I reviewed last summer,  Novel of The Year. Well done Ted and I recommend this lovely story I was delighted to receive a paperback copy from the author.I don't usually…

The Tower Subway

The most enjoyable thing about historical research, is the fascinating facts about London I have discovered which supply perfect fodder for my novels. One I will definitely add to my Flora Maguire Mystery series is the existence of the second oldest tunnel under the Thames built during Victorian Times.In 1863,…

Evelina Hospital For Sick Children, Southwark

My research for the fourth novel in the Flora Maguire Mysteries series brought my amateur sleuth  to the year 1904 - the year the Entente Cordial with France was signed, and Frederick Henry Royce meets with Charles Stewart Rolls to start their exclusive motor car factory.  I discovered the Evelina…

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