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Award-winning and bestselling author Amy Atwell worked in professional theater for 15 years before turning from the stage to the page to write fiction. She now gives her imagination free rein in both contemporary and historical stories that feature smart women and noble men who find love while managing to mend their meddlesome families. Her manuscripts and books have earned her a Golden Heart® nomination, over 25 other contest finals and her self-published historical romance Ambersley has been featured on the Top 100 Books lists for both Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. An Ohio native, Amy has lived all across the country and now resides on a barrier island in Florida with her husband, two Russian Blues and a demon kitten.

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Favorite Christmas Stories

This post first appeared on my former blog December 15, 2010. With Thanksgiving behind us, I’m getting into the holiday spirit. So what better time to discuss our favorite Christmas stories? I have a lengthy and diverse list (instead of a gift wish list!).  Watching these movies or television specials…

Guilty Pleasures

Me (age 7) and our Siberian Husky Tanya. We read Charlotte’s Web together that summer. This post first appeared on my former blog March 7, 2011. We all have them.  Come on, admit it.  Somewhere in your past is a story—be it book or film—that you love so much, it’s…

Sports As Story

This post first appeared on my former blog March 4, 2011. I am already gearing up for football.  And I’m not really a serious sports fan.  Not like my brother.  He can talk stats and scores and teams and players for every sport.  Might come with the territory of being…

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