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Historical fiction writer, dog lover, neurosurgeon!

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King Tarquin and the Tall Poppy Syndrome

Four hundred years before Julius Caesar, Rome was a city-kingdom ruled by kings. The seventh king was the tyrant, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, often called Tarquin the Proud. Wanting to subjugate the neighbouring towns, Tarquin insisted that they sign treaties with Rome, and those who refused, did so at the risk…

Julius Caesar scares the Elephants of Numidia

Julius Caesar clamped his palms upon his ears, but the sound of elephants trumpeting in the distance continued unabated. Shrill and ominous, the din emanating from the enemy camp sent a chill down his spine. It would go on all night and the following day. If his enemies were trying…

Julius Caesar and the Mishap at Zela

The battle done, Julius Caesar turned his attention to dictating messages for his supporters back in Rome. In his tent sat his favourite scribe, Didius, scribbling on one papyrus after another, frantically keeping pace with Caesar’s thoughts. Beside Didius sat two teenage lads, similar to each other in build and…

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