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Historical fiction writer, dog lover, neurosurgeon!

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The Ships of Armorica

Julius Caesar stood atop a cliff and surveyed the wreckage scattered near the coast. Twenty Romans ships were smashed to pieces, slowly sinking into the choppy waters of the Atlantic. His legionaries flailed their limbs in the water, most being hunted down, a lucky few swimming ashore. “Stop ramming their ships,”…

The Wall of Avaricum

“Hurry up, you lot,” Caesar shouted as the legionaries carried piles of timber up the ramp. “Keep moving. Less than ten feet to bridge the gap.”There was a sudden movement in the corner of his eye. Caesar ducked instinctively.  A fire-tipped arrow swooshed past where his head had been, filling…

CV of Julius Caesar: Part 2

Today’s historical story is the continuation of last week’s, titled ‘CV of Julius Caesar: Part 1’. If you haven’t read it, please click here.With the scribe gone in search of the rogue donkey, Julius paced about the bank of the Rubicon. He was disgusted with the Senators. Jealous old men.…

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