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Amalia began as a Biology major before taking Latin and falling in love with old heroes and older gods. After that, she couldn’t stop writing about them, with the occasional break for more contemporary subjects. She graduated with a BA in Classical Studies as well as English from the University of North Dakota. A former bookseller and avid reader, her current interests focus primarily on the Age of Heroes and Bronze Age Greece, though anything Viking Age or earlier is likely to capture her attention. She maintains a blog relating to Classical Mythology and the Bronze Age at, or find her on twitter as @AmaliaCarosella. Today, she lives with her husband in Upstate New York, and dreams of the day she will own goats.

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Paris and Oenone

Idylle: famille antique by Bouguereau via wikimedia commons (It's always shouted Paris and Oenone to me!) As anyone familiar with the myths knows, before Paris become a prince of Troy, he was a shepherd boy on Mount Ida, and while living upon Mount Ida, caring for his father's flock and…

Menelaus in Helen of Sparta

There are two characters in my Helen of Sparta books who kind of got short shrift after all the trimming and cutting and editing was done: Menelaus and Clytemnestra. I really wish I'd been able to give a little bit more space to both of them, on the page, but…

By Helen's Hand Blog Tour Begins Now!

Let's get this party started!  Blog Tour Schedule Monday, May 16 Tour Kick Off at Passages to the Past Tuesday, May 17 Review at The Reading Queen Wednesday, May 18 Review at Book Lovers Paradise Thursday, May 19 Review at 100 Pages a Day Monday, May 23 Spotlight at Creating Herstory Tuesday, May 24 Review…

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