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About me

Despite researching 1930s Germany for my MA in history, I’m a deep-steeped ‘Roman nut’.

Reading a *lot* of Roman fiction led me to wondering what if women had run the Roman Empire? Or a tiny remnant of it that survived into the present? Thus the alternate history world of Roma Nova sprang to life.

A group of pagan dissident Romans left Italy in AD 395 after the last Theodosian decree and founded a colony in the northern mountains. Their descendants retained core Roman values and customs but through lack of numbers to defend their small state, young women have always fought side-by-side with their brothers.

INCEPTIO, PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO feature Carina, a ‘hidden heir’ who becomes an efficient Praetorian special forces officer.
In AURELIA, INSURRECTIO and RETALIO we meet Aurelia in 1960s-1980s, a blood-and-bone Roma Novan who battles the usurper ‘First Consul’ Caius Tellus.

Apart from writing alternative history fiction, I currently admin the HNS Facebook group.

From my website

Slaves, damnati and freedmen in ancient Rome

In 161 BC, the Roman jurist Gaius wrote: “Slavery is a human invention and not found in nature. Indeed, it was that other human invention, war, which provided the bulk of slaves, but they were also the bounty of piracy … or the product of breeding.” (Institutiones) A cold, yet…

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