Alfreða Jonsdottir

Bio: A Viking Queen's Legacy is my second novel where once again I have drawn from the Icelandic saga called Laxdæla Saga. I was born into a small farming community settled by Icelandic pioneers who brought with them their love of books and stories, or as they call them, sagas. Inspired by one in particular I began to write about the strong female characters portrayed in it, hoping to teach my granddaughters about their rich literary culture.  Their stories are over 1000 years old and are as relevant today as they were then. Retired now for many years, my background was in library studies. Married, we have traveled extensively and have lived in several different countries for work opportunities, but Alberta Canada has been our base for well over 30 years.

Twitter: alfredajonsdottir@alfredajonsdot1



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