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When not writing about my characters populating Gilded Age Englewood, New Jersey,I herd goats, dream about the 1870’s and try (unsuccessfully) to control my dogs.

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Innocence: The New Dirty Word

Jules Cyrille Cave (1859- 1940) The Flower Girl It’s no secret we live in a sexual-ized culture. Maybe all cultures are so, but look through the eyes of an abused child. It is then that every vulgar presentation of sexuality, every “sexy” media star, every unasked-for visual hits you in…

A Central Park bison is on the buffalo nickel

Adrienne Morris:My favorite animal–the buffalo (bison). Originally posted on Ephemeral New York: Elephants, monkeys, sea lions, camels, bison—in the early 1900s, the Central Park Menagerie, as it was known, was home to all. One of the most famous of these creatures was a bull bison given up by Barnum &…

Gardens: Frederick Carl Frieseke

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