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When not writing about my characters populating Gilded Age Englewood, New Jersey,I herd goats, dream about the 1870’s and try (unsuccessfully) to control my dogs.

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Emily Dickinson: How Happy I Was If I Could Forget

In the Orchard by Edmund Charles Tarbell How happy I was if I could forget To remember how sad I am Would be an easy adversity But the recollecting of Bloom Keeps making November difficult Till I who was almost bold Lose my way like a little Child And perish…

The Island Rose.

Originally posted on Adventures In Historyland: Last year I was suddenly and briefly transfixed by the story of Princess Kaiulani and the short lived Hawaiian monarchy. At this point I am not prepared to give any meaningful account of the fall of the last Queen of the island kingdom, nor…

“You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” William Hearst to Frederic Remington

The Correspondent by Frederic Remington This Thanksgiving pray for our leaders. They either don’t know what they’re doing–or they do. Remember a few years ago when the American people and their  soldiers refused to support overthrowing Syria? Let’s do a little comparative history, shall we? I’ll quote extensively from Wikipedia…

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