Achilleas Mavrellis

About me

Please join me on my quest to write back into popular history the forgotten world of the medieval Roman Empire – Byzantium to many – a world both strangely familiar yet disturbingly alien.

Eleven centuries passed from the establishment, in the 4th century, of New Rome in Constantinople, to its collapse in the 15th, yet few are aware of them. There are wonderful stories of love, loss and the foibles of those in power – all themes whose humanity resonates in today’s world.

My ultimate goal is to write down and then bring to life some of these stories on the silver screen. My first novel – Queen of Lies – is the story of an unholy trinity of young courtly lovers in the mid 9th Century which drives the rise to imperial power of a simple peasant, amid the seismic geopolitical changes taking place in the near east.

Please contact me on my website if you are interested in exchanging ideas or pursuing any of this with me.

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