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Writer, fencer, costumer, reader (not necessarily in that order) chronicling my adventures writing and researching my first novel about Elizabethan alchemists, magicians, and con men.

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the finish line (may cut my head off)

OMG. OMG. As of this post I’m down to the last eight scenes in my second draft(!) This is wonderful. This is terrifying. (last one) I DON’T FINISH THINGS BECAUSE THAT MEANS I HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD WITH A PROCESS THAT SCARES ME BECAUSE IT MAY MEAN I HAVE WASTED…

biweekly links 1-10-2017

Happy new year! New year, new (well, not so new) links: King-Slapping, Devil-Dressing, and Avoiding Blondes: The Crazy Ways Humans Have Rung in the New Year Throughout History: and to think I just stayed home with champagne. From the Pentagon’s UFO program to death by cyanide at the UN court:…

weird things in sensible places: the NYT UFO articles

Starting off the new year with a bang. Or is it a fizzle? Both? Via. After a year of news that beggars belief, I can honestly say that this is one I didn’t expect to see. This past year, or ever. And yet, it’s not as shocking or mundane as…

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