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Writer, fencer, costumer, reader (not necessarily in that order) chronicling my adventures writing and researching my first novel about Elizabethan mathematicians and con men.

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everything, everything: the HNS conference

Wow. This past fantastic weekend was my second writing conference and my first (and certainly not the last!) Historical Novel Society conference. I’m still digesting it all, but here are some highlights: The camaraderie. Socially awkward me had spontaneous conversations everywhere: on light rail, in the elevator, at every meal and…

trust no one: the (un)reliability of historical sources

Given the sheer oddity of Dee and Kelley’s story (two men talking to angels!?) it’s no surprise that wild tales grew up around them. But, I want to write something historically accurate so I’ve been slowly winnowing out the facts from the legends. The further I go the stranger it…

more show vs. tell: the subtle art of subtext

Imagine a story in which everyone lies left and right, to each other and themselves. Sounds good, right? So full of conflict and hidden suggestions, misdirections and bad decisions. But how exciting is it if you’re told that they are unreliable lying liars? This is why I’m going through my first draft*…

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