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Writer, fencer, costumer, reader (not necessarily in that order) chronicling my adventures writing and researching my first novel about Elizabethan mathematicians and con men.

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Those in the states, let the “eating season” commence! Research: Your Grandmother Is Lying (and Other Lessons of Historical Research: part 1, part 2 – how to find and evaluate sources. Weird history: New scans of the Voynich manuscript now available – “… recent conservation work addressed folds and curls that had previously blocked…

a tale of two alchemy museums part 1: Speculum Alchemiae

I took this trip hoping to get a stronger sense of place for my characters and settings. How do cobblestones feel underfoot? Are the winding streets cramped or pleasantly busy? How high are ceilings? Though many of the sites in my book still exist their use has changed dramatically: the…

chasing Edward Kelley – Prague

I’ve been away. The famous astronomical clock Two years and one first draft later, I finally made my long-coveted research trip to Prague. I’d wanted to go since I started researching the book 2 years ago. Turns out many of Dee and Kelley’s old Bohemian haunts still exist and, as they say, there’s…

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