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Writer, fencer, costumer, reader (not necessarily in that order) chronicling my adventures writing and researching my first novel about Elizabethan alchemists, magicians, and con men.

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biweekly links 9-21-2016

Brief this week as I’m prepping a scene for a live reading on October 8 (details to come): Modern-day alchemy: Researchers reveal that magnetic ‘rust’ performs as gold at the nanoscale – research from my alma mater. I gather it’s similar to nuclear transmutation, but I’ll leave it to the article…

self-promotion vs. impostor syndrome: the never-ending conflict

I’ve grown disturbingly comfortable with talking myself up. I say “disturbing” because it goes against everything my inner idiot constantly mutters in the background: who cares what you think, you’re no expert and the inevitable you’re totally making this up as you go along, aren’t you? Well, yeah, I am. I go…

biweekly links 9-7-2016

Mixed bag this week: Montgomery County Student Awarded for Historical Fiction Graphic Novel – local (to me) high schooler awarded a scholarship to complete his graphic novel about Holocaust survivors. Serious stories like these can be effectively told through this format – John Lewis’ “March” series springs to mind. Will be…

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