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Writer, fencer, costumer, reader (not necessarily in that order) chronicling my adventures writing and researching my first novel about Elizabethan alchemists, magicians, and con men.

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Art Bell’s heirs

I was a latecomer to Coast to Coast AM, only listening once the show became available online in the 1990s. His subject matter revived my childhood obsession with all things weird and I enjoyed Art Bell’s rare ability to ask informed questions without appearing to pass judgment on any guest,…

biweekly links 4-11-2018

LGTBQIA historical fiction: ‘White Houses’ explores Eleanor Roosevelt’s romantic life; Alan Hollinghurst sketches the evolution of gay rights in latest historical novel, ‘The Sparsholt Affair’: I’ve not read either but I’m especially looking forward to “White Houses”. ‘Nosferatu’ and 96 Years of Expressionistic Nightmares: I didn’t know that Albin Grau,…

publicity vs. privacy

Ever since I got serious about writing I’ve become more comfortable with self-promotion than I ever thought possible. Which is good because the modern publishing world expects authors to handle much of their own publicity, especially online. Kristen Lamb’s book really pushed home the need for a blog separate from…

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