A. L. Berridge

About me

A.L.Berridge is a bestselling novelist who inherited her passion for history from her father, Whitbread prize-winning historian David Newsome.

She is the author of the Chevalier series, following the fictional adventures of swordsman AndrĂ© de Roland in the turbulent 17th century France of ‘The Three Musketeers’. Her debut novel, ‘Honour and the Sword’ became an instant bestseller in 2010, and was followed by ‘In the Name of the King’ in 2011.

Her latest series features Victorian military hero Harry Ryder, who begins his career in the Crimean War. The first book, ‘Into the Valley of Death’, covers the Charge of the Light Brigade, and is due out in hardback on May 10th 2012.
She is published by Penguin.

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