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I am a self-published author. My first novel The Welsh Linnet appeared in June 2017. It is intended to be the first in a War Without An Enemy trilogy about the English Civil War. I am interested in historical fiction covering Ancient Rome and the UK during the Renaissance to Napoleonic Wars period.

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AJ Lyndon interviewed by Elizabeth Jane Corbett


Welsh Linnet launched

A cold, wet August evening did not prevent an enthusiastic crowd turning out for the official launch of The Welsh Linnet in the delightful surroundings of Reading’s Acland Street book shop. The book was officially launched by Dr Ros Black, senior lecturer in history at Deakin University, who provided an…

Locked in Warwick Castle tower with no way out.

AJ Lyndon was researching treatment of Royalist prisoners of war in 1640s England when she became locked in Guy’s Tower, Warwick Castle for real. The walls were 10 feet thick and the heavy, iron bound door was bolted from the outside. “It was a party of French school kids,” Lyndon…

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