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About HNS Chapters

In 2011 we formed our first local chapters. People who had met at conferences didn’t want to wait a year for another meeting, so they formed local groups. This side of the society’s activity is still in its infancy, but it’s an exciting development. The usual first step is to set up a Facebook page, and to contact local libraries/bookstores/writing groups to find other enthusiasts. After that chapters usually set regular meeting times at local venues and set up programmes as they see fit. While it is (obviously) nice if members of local chapters are also members of the society, we’d emphasise that this is not in any way a recruitment drive. A local chapter is what local HNS members want it to become. If it is effectively a couple of HNS members and a crowd of non-members enjoying talks, support and conviviality, that’s great: a really positive thing that society members have created.

If you’d like to join a chapter but don’t see one near to you, please consider setting one up yourself. Contact us and we can put you in touch with other members and suggest ways that you can attract other people to join your group.