8th Century

St. Agnes and the Selkie (Cuthbert’s People)

By G. M Baker - Published 2022


One day, a drenched and seemingly mute young woman knocks on the gate to the abbey of Whitby. Her dark colouring has the ...Read Review

The Wistful and the Good (Cuthbert’s People)

By G. M Baker - Published 2022


Northumbria, 793: A thegn’s daughter, fifteen-year-old Elswyth, has been betrothed since infancy to Drefan, ealdorman of Bamburgh. Much depends on that marriage, including ...Read Review

The Valley (The Druid Chronicles, 2)

By A. M. Linden - Published 2022


In Linden’s fictional eighth-century Britain, Saxon Christians dominate while descendants of Celtic Druids survive in the secluded valley of the title. Set ...Read Review

The Saxon Wolf (Fire Born 2)

By Angus Donald - Published 2022



In AD 773, Bjarki Bloodhand, a legendary berserker, is now Fire Born and inhabited by a fierce spirit while he’s fighting. Bjarki fears ...Read Review


By J. R. Thorpe - Published 2021



This challenging novel will invite comparisons to Lauren Groff’s Matrix. Like that novel, this one’s protagonist is an aristocratic woman forced ...Read Review

A Night of Flames (A Time for Swords)

By Matthew Harffy - Published 2022



Following directly on from the very successful A Time for Swords, Hunlaf, a young monk turned warrior, continues to develop not only his ...Read Review

A Time for Swords

By Matthew Harffy - Published 2021



AD 793, Lindisfarne. Hunlaf is a young novice monk based at the Minster at Werceworthe (Warkworth) on the Northumbrian coast. On a fine spring ...Read Review

The Last Berserker (Fire Born Book 1)

By Angus Donald - Published 2021



In a small village on an unremarkable island, Bjarki is saved from being hanged by a secretive merchant, Valtyr. Completely baffled by the ...Read Review

The Oath: The Druid Chronicles, Book One

By A. M. Linden - Published 2021


The Oath is a tale of Druids and Saxon Christians in 8th-century Britain. The Mother Goddess-worshipping Druids, executed as witches if discovered, survive ...Read Review

The Saracen Storm: A Novel of the Moorish Invasion of Spain

By J. M. Nunez - Published 2019


Any Spanish schoolchild over the age of nine will have heard of the battle of Covadonga and how one man led his Christian ...Read Review

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