8th Century

A Time for Swords

By Matthew Harffy - Published 2021



AD 793, Lindisfarne. Hunlaf is a young novice monk based at the Minster at Werceworthe (Warkworth) on the Northumbrian coast. On a fine spring ...Read Review

The Last Berserker (Fire Born Book 1)

By Angus Donald - Published 2021



In a small village on an unremarkable island, Bjarki is saved from being hanged by a secretive merchant, Valtyr. Completely baffled by the ...Read Review

The Oath: The Druid Chronicles, Book One

By A. M. Linden - Published 2021


The Oath is a tale of Druids and Saxon Christians in 8th-century Britain. The Mother Goddess-worshipping Druids, executed as witches if discovered, survive ...Read Review

The Saracen Storm: A Novel of the Moorish Invasion of Spain

By J. M. Nunez - Published 2019


Any Spanish schoolchild over the age of nine will have heard of the battle of Covadonga and how one man led his Christian ...Read Review

Love Lost in Time

By Cathie Dunn - Published 2019


France, 2018. Madeleine had hoped her mother would leave answers—like the name of her father. Instead, she’s saddled with her mother’s ...Read Review

Queen of the Darkest Hour

By Kim Rendfeld - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Francia, 783. Fastrada, fourth wife of King Charles, quickly realizes that not all of the royal children are happy to see her wed their ...Read Review

A Sacred Storm

By Theodore Brun - Published 2018


The second instalment of Theodore Brun’s Wanderer Chronicles returns readers to 8th-century Scandinavia with our troubled hero, Erlan, and his loyal servant, ...Read Review

Saxon Tales: The Lord Who Lost His Head

By Terry Deary - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

The Lord Who Lost his Head is set in the 8th century in the reign of King Offa of Mercia (famous for building ...Read Review

Where Devils Tread: Lions & Devils Book Three

By Jason Born - Published 2016


The massive concluding volume in Jason Born’s Lions & Devils trilogy (after Hell Shall Stir and Devils in the Breach) draws together ...Read Review

Wings of the Storm

By Giles Kristian - Published 2016



The late 8th century is a time of violence and change in Scandinavia. While the order of the old gods is threatened, and ...Read Review