5th Century

A Brother’s Oath

By Chris Thorndycroft -



A Brother’s Oath is the first of a trilogy about brothers Hengest and Horsa, Scandinavian raiders who were instrumental in the migration ...Read Review

The Fourth Gwenevere

By John James - Published 2015


The circumstances of the production of this novel are extraordinary. The fact that the author’s life ended before his work on it ...Read Review

At the Ruin of the World

By John Henry Clay - Published 2015



At the Ruin of the World is Clay’s second novel on the later Roman Empire, although his first, The Lion and the ...Read Review

Fiery Arrow

By Sheila R. Lamb - Published 2014


This novel was the second instalment in a series set in ancient Ireland. It is the tale of Saint Patrick, largely told from ...Read Review

Tongwan City

By Eric Mu (trans.) - By Gao Jianqun - Published 2013



On “a stage of great tumult… numerous heroes, beauties, and other fascinating characters made their spectacular and often dramatic debuts” in the late 4...Read Review

The Ruin

By John Sawney - Published 2013



In the 5th century AD, the Romans pulled out of Britain, and the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes moved in. The Scots also increased ...Read Review

Stone Lord

By JP Reedman - Published 2013



Stone Lord’s highly original premise takes the legend of King Arthur back into prehistory to the early Bronze Age. This inspired choice ...Read Review

Princes In Exile

By Richard Denning - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

Princes in Exile is the third book in the Northern Crown series, and is set in 6th-century Britain during the dark age of ...Read Review

The Axe, the Shield and the Halig Rood

By James M Hockey - Published 2010


Alternate HistoryFantasy

The second in a projected series, this is an imaginative re-drawing of Dark Age Britain in the late 5thC AD, only two generations ...Read Review

After Rome

By Morgan Llywelyn - Published 2013


The Romans have left Britannia. What remains on the island are disparate fragments of Roman British settlements and cities, roaming hordes of barbarians ...Read Review