20th Century

A Reckoning of Angels

By Stuart James Whitley - Published 2000



The Canadian novel is a closed book to most Yankees, once one gets past Margaret Atwood, Mordecai Richler, Robertson Davies, or Farley Mowat. ...Read Review

The Emperor’s General

By James Webb - Published 2000



You’d probably find this book in your local store in with the military adventure novels of Tom Clancy and so on, but ...Read Review

The Waters of Babylon: A Novel about Lawrence after Arabia

By David Stevens - Published 2000


Biographical Fiction

T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) easily qualifies as one of the most fascinating and controversial military figures in Britain’s long history ...Read Review

The Armada Boy (Wesley Peterson Crime Novels)

By Kate Ellis - Published 2000



Past and present again intertwine in the second of the Wesley Peterson crime novels (first up was The Merchant’s House), set near ...Read Review