20th Century

Conquerors of the Sky

By Thomas Fleming -


Biographical FictionInspirationalMilitary

A hundred years ago Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the airplane and discovered the wonders of flight. Thomas Fleming’s novel combines the ...Read Review

Twelve Seconds to Live

By Douglas Reeman - Published 2003Published 2003 (UK)



Douglas Reeman is as fine a writer on warships and the crews that live and die on them as one can find in ...Read Review


By Reginald Gibbons - Published 2003



Originally published in 1994 and brought back into print as part of the Voices of the South series, Reginald Gibbons’ heart-rending story of forbidden ...Read Review

Where the River Narrows

By Aimée Laberge - Published 2003


Alternate HistoryInspirational

In the Mi’kmaq language, the name of the Canadian province of Québec translates as “where the river narrows.” It’s here, ...Read Review

Devil’s Midnight

By Yuri Kapralov - Published 2003



Set between 1919 and 1920 in the last months of the Russian Civil War, Devil’s Midnight follows three figures: Alexey Lebedev, a tutor turned ...Read Review

Plain Language

By Barbara Wright - Published 2003



Virginia Mendenhall graduates from a Quaker college and proceeds to social work in Philadelphia and later an Appalachian mining town. Her life seems ...Read Review

The Madam

By Julianna Baggott - Published 2003


Biographical FictionInspirational

Yes, The Madam does refer to the world’s oldest profession, and yes, Alma, the titular madam, does arrive at it in one ...Read Review

The Seduction of Silence

By Bem Le Hunte - Published 2003



This literary saga follows the troubled lives of four generations of Indian women. The unhappy marriage of rigidly-traditional Jyoti Ma to the dreamer ...Read Review

Easter Island

By Jennifer Vanderbes - Published 2003


Biographical FictionLiterary

This is a tale of two women: Elsa Pendleton, an English woman who travels to Easter Island with her anthropologist husband and mentally ...Read Review

Once Two Heros

By Calvin Baker - Published 2003



It would be too easy to say Once Two Heroes is a novel about bigotry. Calvin Baker wrestles with many themes: the nature ...Read Review