20th Century

Carnival Of Rainbows

By Barbara Soper - Published 2001


Barbara Soper’s novel opens with an intriguing premise–the introduction of execution by electrocution juxtaposed with an exhibition celebrating the marvel of ...Read Review

A Simple Habana Melody

By Oscar Hijuelos - Published 2002



Stifled by the oppressive Machado dictatorship, Cuban composer Israel Levis leaves Havana for Paris. But after a few years in the city of ...Read Review

The Real McCoy

By Darin Strauss - Published 2002



Born in 1880s Indiana, Virgil Selby’s father tells him that falsity is in his blood and encourages the youth to seek “something ...Read Review

When the Elephants Dance

By Tess Uriza Holthe - Published 2002



After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, American and Allied troops retreated from the Philippine Islands, which were first bombed and ...Read Review

Snow Island

By Katherine Towler - Published 2002


Children/Young Adult

Alice Daggett is sixteen years old in the summer before WWII. Unlike most young women her age, she lives on an isolated and ...Read Review

Before Hiroshima: The Confession Of Murayama Kazuo

By Joshua Barkan - Published 2000


Short Stories

Joshua Barkan’s first collection of stories, Before Hiroshima, includes a novella and five short stories. Though only 148 pages in its entirety, Barkan’...Read Review

A Parchment Of Leaves

By Silas House - Published 2002


In his first novel, Clay’s Quilt, Silas House explored how the ties to family and land influence life in eastern Kentucky. In ...Read Review

The Table

By Matthew Waynee - Published 2002



Andrzej Kowalczyk, born in Poland but now living in Bay City, Michigan, always wanted to be important. In the waning days of the ...Read Review

Murphy’s Law

By Rhys Bowen - Published 2001



Rhys Bowen takes us back to the beginning of the 20th century and allows us to follow the road so many have taken, ...Read Review

Whispers On The Water

By Audrey Howard - Published 2002



The only daughter of a working-class family in 1911 Liverpool, young Grace Tooley’s carefree life is brought to a halt when she falls ...Read Review