20th Century

City of Hope

By Kate Kerrigan - Published 2012Published 2013


City of Hope, the sequel to Ellis Island, begins in Ireland in 1934.  It has been over ten years since Ellie returned from America ...Read Review

The Twelfth Department

By William Ryan - Published 2013



This is the third in William Ryan’s Soviet detective series set in 1930s Moscow. Captain Korolev, hero of the Revolution and now ...Read Review

The Promise

By Ann Weisgarber - Published 2013



In Galveston, Texas, in 1899, a dying woman demands a promise of her friend and housekeeper, Nan Ogden: to look after Andre, the dying ...Read Review

My Beautiful Hippie

By Janet Nichols Lynch - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

Joanne is a sixteen-year-old girl living in San Francisco during the 1967 “Summer of Love.” Amid preparations for her sister’s wedding, worries about ...Read Review


By Frances Itani - Published 2012


In 1997, Binosuki Okuma, an artist living in Ottawa, hears from his sister in Winnipeg. She implores him to visit “First Father,” who is ...Read Review

A White Wind Blew

By James Markert - Published 2013


A Kentucky tuberculosis sanatorium in which people die on a daily basis may not be the most appealing setting for a novel, not ...Read Review

Blood Tango

By Annamaria Alfieri - Published 2013



In a little over a week in October of 1945, Juan Perón went from vice-president of Argentina to a disgraced prisoner to the ...Read Review

The Confessions of Al Capone

By Loren D. Estleman - Published 2013



Peter Vasco is an FBI proofreader with stenographer abilities working out of the Washington DC office. In 1944, shortly after Al Capone is released ...Read Review

The Conditions of Love

By Dale M. Kushner - Published 2013


In Wild Pea, Illinois, in the 1950s, Eunice lives with her mother, Mern, and God forbid she be called Mother. That’s fine, ...Read Review

The Child Thief

By Dan Smith - Published 2013



In the winter of 1930, the inhabitants of Vyriv, a tiny village in the western Ukraine, wait uneasily for the Red Army advancing across ...Read Review