20th Century

Last Friends

By Jane Gardam - Published 2013



This final volume in Gardam’s trilogy rounds out the saga of the complicated relationship between Sir Edward Feathers, his wife Betty, and ...Read Review

Sugar Pop Moon

By John Florio - Published 2013


Set in both 1906 and 1930, this story centers on Jersey Leo, also known as Snowball, an albino bartender of mixed race in Prohibition-era New ...Read Review

Virgin Soul

By Judy Juanita - Published 2013


Geniece is a young African-American student at the city college of Oakley College when we first meet her. She is determined to get ...Read Review

The Hanging of Samuel Ash: A Hook Runyon Mystery

By Sheldon Russell - Published 2013



The talents of one-armed railroad detective Hook Runyon are put to the test in the mystery The Hanging of Samuel Ash. In the ...Read Review

The Crooked Maid

By Dan Vyleta - Published 2013



The characters of international historian Dan Vyleta’s third novel inhabit the complex, war-ravaged geography of 1948 Vienna. Vyleta’s novel is part murder ...Read Review

Fear Week

By Andrew McBurnie - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

Adrian Thorby is an ordinary schoolboy: daydreaming in class, evading bullies, squabbling with his sisters, and pondering the mysteries of sex with his ...Read Review

Memories Are Made of This

By June Francis - Published 2012


In 1954 Liverpool, England, young, vibrant Jeanette Walker lives with her father, several siblings, and a dictatorial aunt who rules the house like a ...Read Review

A Man without Breath

By Philip Kerr - Published 2013



One wouldn’t normally think of setting a murder mystery in as intense a location as Katyn Wood, where upwards of 4,000 Polish officers ...Read Review

Flowers for Miss Pengelly

By Rosemary Aitken - Published 2013



In 1911, Effie Pengelly, a comely young maidservant, has few opportunities to pick wild flowers, much less to converse with a young man; her ...Read Review

Masaryk Station

By David Downing - Published 2013



This novel takes place in Berlin in 1948. As a double agent, John Russell works for both the American CIA and the Soviet NKVD. ...Read Review