20th Century

The Grammarian

By Annapurna Potluri - Published 2013



This spellbinding novel is set in colonial India of 1911. It tells the story of Alexandre Lautens, a young French linguist from the Sorbonne, ...Read Review

Tattler’s Branch

By Jan Watson - Published 2013



Lilly Corbett is the only doctor in a small town in 1911 Kentucky coal country. With her husband frequently away on mine inspection trips, ...Read Review

A Dangerous Deceit

By Marjorie Eccles - Published 2013



Margaret Rees-Talbot is engaged to marry curate Simon Scroope, but her happiness is overshadowed by the recent death of her father, Boer War ...Read Review


By Anthony McCarten - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

Brilliance is the story of a very brilliant man who is looking back on his life. Despite his many inventions and his perfecting ...Read Review

Fingal O’Reilly, Irish Doctor

By Patrick Taylor - Published 2013


In 1936, Fingal is a newly-minted young doctor working for a “dispensary” in Dublin’s tenements, a kind of all-purpose health clinic for the ...Read Review

World War I Tales: The Last Flight

By Terry Deary - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

1916. Young Alfred Adams in a private in the British Army about to be sent to the Western Front. He has heard terrible things ...Read Review

Dorothea’s War: The Diary of a First World War Nurse

By Dorothea Crewdson - By Richard Crewdson (ed.) - Published 2013



To summarise the contents of this outstanding diary of a First World War nurse would be a great injustice. Vera Brittain’s Great ...Read Review

Death Rides the Zephyr

By Janet Dawson - Published 2013


December 1952. Jill McLeod is a Zephyrette, a stewardess on the California Zephyr (CZ), which is making its Christmas run from California to Colorado. ...Read Review

Rising Sun, Falling Shadow

By Daniel Kalla - Published 2013



This novel is the sequel to The Far Side of the Sky and is set in Shanghai in 1943. Things are looking bad for ...Read Review

A True Novel

By Minac Mizumura - Published 2013



Japanese readers fell in love with 19th-century western literature because it strove to transcend daily life to focus on the “ideal” existence. However, ...Read Review