20th Century

On Wings of Death

By David J. Oldman - Published 2013



This book is set in in the First World War, where Sergeant Miller is a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps. He is ...Read Review


By Mark Slouka - Published 2013


Jon, Ray and Frank are high school buddies coming of age in the late 1960s in a small town in upstate New York. ...Read Review

The Silent Tide

By Rachel Hore - Published 2013



Two career-driven women in London’s competitive publishing industry over sixty years apart feature in Rachel Hore’s comfortably overstuffed saga, which has ...Read Review

Daughter of Empire: My Life as a Mountbatten

By Lady Pamela Hicks - Published 2013



Lady Pamela Hicks is a well-known British aristocrat with a bloodline stemming from Queen Victoria, who was her great-great-grandmother. Prince Philip (married to ...Read Review

Games Lovers Play

By June Tate - Published 2013


Connie Morgan is dating two men. One, John Baker, is a playboy who is married but who moves from woman to woman without ...Read Review

1914: Fight the Good Fight — Britain, the Army and the Coming of the First World War

By Allan Mallinson - Published 2013



There have been many histories of the First World War, and the centenary of its outbreak will no doubt see several more released. ...Read Review

My Mother’s Ring

By Dana Cornell - Published 2013


Henryk Frankowski is a young man growing up in Warsaw, Poland. He and his family – a brother, a baby sister, mother and father – ...Read Review

The Canary

By Michael Loyd Gray - Published 2013


Amelia Earhart was born to take to the air. She grew up a tomboy, learned to fly at the age of 23, set her ...Read Review

The Prisoner of the Riviera

By Janice Law - Published 2014



The second outing for 20th-century painter Francis Bacon as an accidental sleuth opens with a bang: “The war was over: Herr Hitler was ...Read Review

Critical Mass

By Sara Paretsky - Published 2013



Critical Mass presents an interesting genre mix: political thriller, detective story and time-slip novel. Although mostly set in the 21st century, it contains ...Read Review