20th Century

Kill My Mother

By Jules Feiffer - Published 2014


This graphic novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Feiffer is a gender-bending take on 1930s-40s noir. In 1933, teen-aged bad apple Annie tortures her ...Read Review

The Venetian Venture

By Suzette A. Hill - Published 2014



Rosy Gilchrist is in Venice, authorised to offer twenty guineas on behalf of the British Museum for a specific signed and annotated first ...Read Review


By Michael McGarrity - Published 2014



Once again, Michael McGarrity brings us the awe-inspiring but also harsh and unforgiving desert and mountain landscapes of the Tularosa that are the ...Read Review

Land of Love and Drowning

By Tiphanie Yanique - Published 2014



If I could only read one novel this year, Land of Love and Drowning would be it. I wasn’t captured by the ...Read Review

The End of the Book

By Porter Shreve - Published 2014


Two narratives alternate in this fictional experiment. The first is set in Chicago beginning in 2008. In order to pay off debt accumulated getting ...Read Review

Valentine Joe

By Rebecca Stevens - Published 2014


Children/Young AdultTime-slip

A time-slip novel featuring a modern teenager and events from the First World War published that such a war ‘must never happen again.’ ...Read Review

Graffiti Knight

By Karen Bass - Published 2014


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Wilm is a rebellious teenager growing up in Leipzig, southeast Germany, under Soviet occupation after WWII. Wilm’s father finds him a handful; ...Read Review

Sacred Mountain

By Robert Ferguson - Published 2013



Sacred Mountain by Robert Ferguson is a well-written and interesting story with two parallel narratives, one set in Burma 1943 and one in Nepal ...Read Review

The Black-Eyed Blonde: A Philip Marlowe Novel

By Benjamin Black - Published 2014



It’s 1950s California, and P.I. Philip Marlowe sits staring at a silent telephone in a quiet room, empty of eager clients. ...Read Review

Annie’s Promise

By Margaret Graham - Published 2013


1950s Britain is re-building after the war. Annie Manon has had a traumatic war as a prisoner of the Japanese; now, she wants ...Read Review