20th Century

Jacob’s Oath

By Martin Fletcher - Published 2013


The dichotomy between love and hate, between a desire for life and a desire for vengeance, is the theme of Martin Fletcher’s ...Read Review

The Bones of Paris

By Laurie R. King - Published 2013Published 2014



Oh, to have been a private dick in 1929 Paris! American expatriate and ex-Federal investigator Harris Stuyvesant is on the rapidly cooling trail of ...Read Review

The Mystery of Rio

By Alberto Mussa - By Alex Ladd (trans.) - Published 2013



What defines a city, the narrator tells us, is “the history of its crimes,” and, with that introduction, he proceeds to tell the ...Read Review

Stella Bain

By Anita Shreve - Published 2013Published 2014


Amid the rage of World War I, an American nurse is found wounded in France – and she has no idea who she is. ...Read Review

The Maid’s Version

By Daniel Woodrell - Published 2013



Lovers of well-crafted prose will appreciate this new work by the author of Winter’s Bone. Daniel Woodrell gracefully achieves the difficult task ...Read Review

The Sewing Basket

By Susan White - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

In this young adult novel, it is 1967 and Ruth Iverson is twelve years old, struggling to adapt to her mother’s recent diagnosis ...Read Review

The September Garden

By Catherine Law - Published 2013


Sweet Nell and lovely, half-French Sylvie (who looks like Vivien Leigh) are first cousins, but don’t get along terribly well. When war ...Read Review

The Boy on the Wooden Box

By Elisabeth B. Leyson - By Leon Leyson - By Marilyn J. Harran - Published 2013



This inspiring memoir is a perfect way to introduce young children to Holocaust literature. Leon Leyson was born Leib Lejzon in a rural ...Read Review

Murder In A Parish Chest: Peggy Pinch Investigates

By Malcolm Noble - Published 2013



This is the second in a crime series set in a village in the South of England in the era between the two ...Read Review

Back to Back

By Anthea Bell (trans.) - By Julia Franck - Published 2013



The German Democratic Republic (East Germany) in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and brother and sister Thomas and Ella are growing up ...Read Review