20th Century

Tracks: Racing the Sun

By Sandro Martini - Published 2014


Meticulously researched, beautifully crafted, and a captivating read from beginning to end, Tracks: Racing the Sun focuses on the men and women plying ...Read Review

Village of Secrets: Defying the Nazis in Vichy France

By Caroline Moorehead - Published 2014



Caroline Moorehead’s profound scholarship brings to light an episode of the Second World War that would have remained shrouded in the mist ...Read Review

Egg and Spoon

By Gregory Maguire - Published 2014


Children/Young AdultFantasy

Set in the last years of the Russian monarchy, Egg and Spoon is a fanciful mix of history, folklore, philosophy, childhood fantasy, silliness, ...Read Review

Too Long in the Business

By Tim Topps - Published 2014



Have you ever stopped to think how many people a door-to-door insurance salesman met? Or who? Now imagine an insurance broker, who travels ...Read Review

The Disappearance Boy

By Neil Bartlett - Published 2014


Reggie Rainbow (so named at the orphanage for the wild hopefulness of the word) has grown up defiant despite a childhood case of ...Read Review

Time to Say Goodbye

By Katie Flynn - Published 2014


Latecomers among the 1939 evacuees from Liverpool, three little girls – sharp-tongued Rita, sweet Debby and thoughtful Imogen – find themselves billeted at the village pub ...Read Review

Every Tear a Memory (Till We Meet Again, Book 3)

By Myra Johnson - Published 2014


Joanna Trapp leaves her old life in France behind when the war ends and family calls her home. But civilian life as a ...Read Review

The American Duchess

By Sharon Page - Published 2014



It’s the Roaring Twenties, and American heiress Zoe Gifford embraces the heady lifestyle with abandon. When her mother writes a bad check ...Read Review

In Perfect Time

By Sarah Sundin - Published 2014



The latest in the WWII-era Wings of the Nightingale series follows Lt. Kay Jobson, an army nurse who prides herself on having a ...Read Review

A Summer in the Twenties

By Peter Dickinson - Published (c1981)Published 2014


First published in the UK in 1981 and now released in the United States this year, Dickinson’s chronicle of post-Great War life and ...Read Review