20th Century

White Gardenia

By Belinda Alexandra - Published 2015Published c2007



Belinda Alexandra’s Wild Lavender was one of my favorite sweeping epic novels, and the highlight of the year in which I read ...Read Review

Or Forever Be Damned

By C.S. Burrough - Published 2014


Once, not so long ago, a little island nation ruled over an empire on which the sun never set. This is a simple ...Read Review

Mademoiselle Chanel

By C.W. Gortner - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

Gabrielle Chanel, the destitute country orphan who remade herself into Coco Chanel, the 20th century’s most celebrated designer, lived a life of ...Read Review

Lillian on Life

By Alison Jean Lester - Published 2015


Lillian is a single woman who lives most of her life dating different men. This is the story of how she values each ...Read Review

We Are Not Ourselves

By Matthew Thomas - Published 2014



What are the effects of a devastating illness on a family? How does a family adapt to a new normal when nothing will ...Read Review

Susan Marcus Bends the Rules

By Jane Cutler - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

Susan Marcus Bends the Rules is set during WWII in Clayton, Missouri. Missouri is quite a change for Susan Marcus, who grew up ...Read Review

Radio Girl

By Carol Brendler - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

Cece is a fourteen-year-old with big dreams, especially for a girl living above a Newark, New Jersey hardware store in 1938 – she wants to ...Read Review

Beyond the Silk Mills

By Leslie Rupley - Published 2014


The life story of feisty, sensitive Sophie, the main character in Leslie Rupley’s richly textured novel Beyond the Silk Mills, is closely ...Read Review

Under False Flags

By Steve Anderson - Published 2014



Under False Flags is a gritty, hard look through the eyes of an American and a German soldier near the end of WWII ...Read Review

The Good Doctor

By Paul Butler - Published 2014


A young medical student in London in 1880 observes another older medical student named Wilfred Grenfell at work. Such begins a rich characterization of ...Read Review