20th Century

Red Shadow

By Paul Dowswell - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

1941. The Nazis invade Russia. Misha, our teenage hero, tells us what life is like under Stalin and the NKVD. His father is a ...Read Review

Sophie, In Shadow

By Eileen Kernaghan - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

After her parents die in the sinking of the Titanic, Sophie Pritchard begins having terrifyingly realistic nightmares and premonitions, escalated by the coming ...Read Review

The Liverpool Connection

By Elisabeth Marrion - Published 2014



The Liverpool Connection by Elisabeth Marrion is part two of the author’s trilogy that fictionalises her family history. This time the focus ...Read Review

Last Train to Waverley

By Malcolm Archibald - Published 2014



Douglas Ramsay is a young officer, experienced in the carnage of the Great War, who is assigned to the 20th Royal Scots Guards. ...Read Review


By James Ellroy - Published 2014



Four Japanese Americans are murdered on the day before Pearl Harbor, opening a book which could be called a police procedural when police ...Read Review

Sniper’s Honor

By Stephen Hunter - Published 2014



Sniper’s Honor is the latest book from Stephen Hunter and the next installment in the Bob Lee Swagger series. The old war ...Read Review

The Ship of Brides

By Jojo Moyes - Published 2008Published 2014


If you like stories that pull you in quickly, are filled with emotional drama, and provide a vivid atmosphere of the times, you ...Read Review

The Hatmaker’s Heart

By Carla Stewart - Published 2014



Nell Marchwold is an apprentice designer at the prestigious Oscar Fields Millinery in 1920s New York City. For Nell, the joy is not ...Read Review

The Darkest Hour

By Tony Schumacher - Published 2014


Alternate History

The Darkest Hour is an alternative history in which Great Britain has lost the war and is occupied by the German army, the ...Read Review

The Stone Bridge

By Alexander Terekhov - By Nina Chordas (trans.) - By Simon Patterson (trans.) - Published 2014



On 3rd June 1943, two bodies are found in the heart of Moscow near the Stone Bridge. It looks like a teenage quarrel and ...Read Review