20th Century

The Assassin

By Clive Cussler - By Justin Scott - Published 2015



Isaac Bell is a Van Dorn detective who is trying to build a case against John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company’s ...Read Review

The Blue Mile

By Kim Kelly - Published 2014


The third novel from Australian writer Kelly (aka book editor Kim Swivel), set in Depression-era Sydney, excels at depicting the era’s social ...Read Review

The Fleeting Years

By Connie Monk - Published 2015



This British family saga begins in the 1950s and follows the Marchand family from Peter and Zina’s tenth wedding anniversary, until the ...Read Review

The Cherry Harvest

By Lucy Sanna - Published 2015


It is 1940s Wisconsin, and the Christiansen family is feeling the effects of the war in Europe. Their eldest son is away fighting; ...Read Review

Madeleine’s War

By Peter Watson - Published 2015


This story is about Madeleine Dirac, whose knowledge of the French language and her extemporary work with FANY (the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry) ...Read Review

Disappear Home

By Laura Hurwitz - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

In this novel set in 1970, the ripe-to-rotten end of the counterculture movement, Shoshanna, her baby sister, Mara, and her mother, Ellen, escape in ...Read Review

The Evening Chorus

By Helen Humphreys - Published 2015


On his first bombing mission in 1940, James Hunter’s plane is shot down over the English Channel. Captured by Germans, James spends his ...Read Review

Hell and Good Company: The Spanish Civil War and the World It Made

By Richard Rhodes - Published 2015



The Spanish Civil War was both brutal and heroic. In Hell and Good Company, Richard Rhodes takes us through the major events, but ...Read Review

Even in Darkness

By Barbara Stark-Nemon - Published 2015


Barbara Stark-Nemon’s Even in Darkness dramatizes virtually the entire 20th century German experience through the life of the book’s main character, ...Read Review

The Foundling’s War

By Julian Evans (trans.) - By Michel Déon - Published 2015



The Foundling’s War takes up the tale of Jean Arnaud, the hero of The Foundling Boy. The story opens in 1940, just as ...Read Review