20th Century

A Family Christmas

By Katie Flynn - Published 2014


Young Jimmy and Mo Trewin have been abandoned to the care of the mean-spirited Mrs Huxtable after their mother has died and their ...Read Review

Of Irish Blood

By Mary Pat Kelly - Published 2015



This is the sequel to Galway Bay and continues the author’s family’s history; this time the main character is based upon ...Read Review

The Moonlight Palace

By Liz Rosenberg - Published 2014


Agnes Hussein, her Uncle Chachi, and her grandparents live in crumbling, leaky Kampong Glam Palace in Singapore. The palace once belonged to the ...Read Review

The Last Rite

By Jasper Kent - Published 2014



This is the final volume of The Danilov Quintet: 1917 in Petrograd where Danilov, destroyer of vampires, is satisfied that his arch enemy Iuda ...Read Review

All Good Women

By Valerie Miner - Published 2014Published c1987


Originally published in 1987, this reissue will entice a new generation to read Miner’s coming-of-age story of four women in San Francisco during ...Read Review

The Abortionist’s Daughter

By Elisa DeCarlo - Published 2014


The dark tragedy that hangs over Elisa DeCarlo’s novel happened six years before the opening scene; Horace Daniels, a doctor in the ...Read Review

The Wall

By H.G. Adler - By Peter Filkins (trans.) - Published 2014



Many books have been written about the Shoah, and many more will be in the future. Few, however, are as haunting and utterly ...Read Review

Thief of Glory: A Novel (Fictionchristianhistorical)

By Sigmund Brouwer - Published 2014Published 2014-09-01


“As seemingly inconsequential as a banyan tree taking root in the bark of an unsuspecting tree… became a journey,” says 81-year-old Jeremiah about ...Read Review

Mr Mac and Me

By Esther Freud - Published 2014 (UK)Published 2015 (US)


One should never judge a book by its cover. The cover to Mr Mac and Me, a fictionalisation of the time Charles Rennie ...Read Review

Land of Dreams

By Kate Kerrigan - Published 2013 (UK)Published 2014 (US)


The third book in the trilogy that began with Ellis Island and continued with City of Hope, Land of Dreams opens with Ellie ...Read Review