20th Century


By Victoria Shorr - Published 2015


Biographical FictionLiterary

To be part of Lampião’s gang of bandits, who roamed the backlands of Brazil between 1922 and 1938, was to be an important ...Read Review

Diamond Head

By Cecily Wong - Published 2015



A red string binds a man and a woman to a perfect destiny. But if the man or woman thwarts the tying and ...Read Review

World War II Tales, 4: The Phantom Farm

By Terry Deary - Published 2015


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

This title is from a new series by the much loved Terry Deary, of Horrible Histories fame. The series offers exciting stories from ...Read Review

Through Waters Deep (Waves of Freedom #1)

By Sarah Sundin - Published 2015



A battleship launch, a gasoline-filled champagne bottle and a childhood love of Nancy Drew mysteries is our introduction to Mary Sterling – an executive ...Read Review

Miss Carter’s War

By Sheila Hancock - Published 2014 (UK)Published 2015 (US)


Marguerite Carter leaves France for England during World War II, living with memories (presented as small snippets throughout the book) of who she ...Read Review

Listening to Stone: The Art and Life of Isamu Noguchi

By Hayden Herrera - Published 2015



“If you allow yourself to be – or imagine yourself to be – part of all phenomena, then you are able to be anywhere, and ...Read Review

The Java Gold: Book 1: The Odyssey

By Robert Kingsley - Published 2014



The Java Gold: Book 1: The Odyssey was a real treat. As a keen reader of history books with a lesser known setting or ...Read Review

The White Ghost: A Billy Boyle World War II Mystery

By James R. Benn - Published 2015



Lieutenant Billy Boyle of the U.S. Navy has been ordered by the Kennedy family to investigate and prove Jack Kennedy’s guilt ...Read Review

The Zigzag Girl

By Elly Griffiths - Published 2015



When a young woman is discovered sliced into three precise pieces, Brighton’s Detective Inspector Edgar Stephens believes she is the victim of ...Read Review


By Carole McEntee-Taylor - Published 2015


Lives Apart is a WWII story of which Separation is Book One and covers the period from September 1938 to July 1940. Three sets of ...Read Review