20th Century

Hold on to Your Dreams

By Beryl Matthews - Published 2015Published c2009


In turn-of-the-century London, young Gertie Melrose’s sheltered and comfortable world is shattered when her wayward brother’s gaming debts bring ruin on ...Read Review

Pippo’s War

By Marion Kenyon Jones - Published 2015


Set mainly in Northern Italy during the latter months of the Second World War, Pippo’s War is a wartime story which incorporates, ...Read Review

French Concession

By Xiao Bai - Published 2015



Shanghai, 1931: a Chinese Nationalist official is welcomed at Shanghai Harbor with fireworks, deafening noise, a lethal bullet, and the unexpected disappearance of the ...Read Review

Red Icon

By Sam Eastland - Published 2015



This fifth book in Eastland’s Inspector Pekkala series begins with the accidental discovery of a lost icon in the crypt of a ...Read Review

Legacy of Greyladies

By Anna Jacobs - Published 2015



1915. Greyladies, in Wiltshire, is a manor house, half of which the government has requisitioned to house German refugees while Phoebe Latimer, the current ...Read Review

Dreams of the Red Phoenix

By Virginia Pye - Published 2015


In 1937, Japan invades northern China while the feuding Nationalists and Communists are trying to decide if they should unite against this common enemy. ...Read Review

The Japanese Lover

By Amanda Hopkinson (trans.) - By Isabel Allende - By Nick Caistor (trans.) - Published 2015



“We are all born happy. Life gets us dirty along the way, but we can clean it up. Happiness is not exuberant or ...Read Review

Dark Terror (Tales of War, 2)

By John Wilson - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

Fifteen-year-old Newfoundland miner, Alec Shorecross, enlists at the beginning of World War 1 with the hope of doing something useful to aid the war ...Read Review

Les Âmes Grises (Grey Souls)

By Hoyt Rogers (trans.) - By Philippe Claudel - Published 2015



France, December 1917, in the midst of the Great War and a harsh winter. In an unidentified town just behind the front line, a ...Read Review

The Reich Device

By Richard D Handy - Published 2015



Leipzig, 1933, and a scientist, Gustav Mayer, makes an amazing discovery regarding rocket fuel. However, he is being watched by both the British SIS ...Read Review