20th Century

Daughters of Castle Deverill

By Santa Montefiore - Published 2016Published 2017



This is the second novel in the Deverill Chronicles trilogy and the follow-up to the bestselling Songs of Love and War. Set at ...Read Review

The Jazz Files

By Fiona Veitch Smith - Published 2015



The Jazz Files was a book that I offered to review because it sounded somewhat intriguing, and I felt like I ought to ...Read Review

The Light of Paris

By Eleanor Brown - Published 2016


Madeleine endures her cold marriage to Phillip because she was expected to wed by her overly-critical mother. It’s 1999 in Chicago, and Madeleine ...Read Review

The Search for the Homestead Treasure

By Ann Treacy - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

In early 20th-century Minnesota, 14-year-old Martin Gunnarsson, a descendant of Scandinavian immigrants, is moving from the city to his family’s deserted farmland. ...Read Review

The Primrose Pursuit

By Suzette A. Hill - Published 2016



Rural England in the 1950s. Following the untimely but possibly fortuitous death of the Reverend Francis Oughterard, his cat Maurice and dog Bouncer ...Read Review

Tank Commander

By Ronald Welch - Published 2016


Children/Young AdultMilitary

August, 1914. Second Lieutenant John Carey is twenty-one, and he’s crouched in a trench near Mons with shells exploding over his head. It’...Read Review

The Green Ribbons

By Clare Flynn - Published 2016



Hephzibah Wildman suddenly becomes an orphan and must leave the house of her stepfather and mother at an Oxford college and where she ...Read Review

The Joyce Girl

By Annabel Abbs - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

In Zurich in 1934, Lucia, the emotionally frail daughter of iconic Irish author James Joyce, is undergoing the “talking cure” with Carl Jung, trying ...Read Review

Absalom’s Daughters

By Suzanne Feldman - Published 2016


Absalom’s Daughters is the story of two teenage girls from Mississippi who brave the Jim Crow South of the 1950s to claim ...Read Review

The Wages of Desire

By Stephen Kelly - Published 2016



In the Hampshire village of Winstead in 1942, a young woman is found shot to death in a cemetery. Inspector Lamb investigates. The woman, ...Read Review