20th Century

Deadly Secret of the Lusitania

By Ivan Light - Published 2015



Ivan Light’s debut novel Deadly Secret of the Lusitania joins the long shelf of books about the sinking of the civilian passenger ...Read Review

The Houseguest

By Kim Brooks - Published 2016



World War II remains in the public consciousness as a certain businessman, currently running for President of the United States, is evoking comparisons ...Read Review


By David Foenkinos - By Sam Taylor (trans.) - Published 2016



Charlotte, by French writer David Foenkinos, tells the story of Charlotte Salomon, a young artist passionately in love with her art and willing ...Read Review

The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom

By Alison Love - Published 2014Published 2016


The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom is a sweeping novel that explores humanity, family loyalty, and national prejudice in the face of war. ...Read Review

Feast of the Innocents

By Anna Milsom (trans.) - By Anne McLean (trans.) - By Evelio Rosero - Published 2015



Doctor Justo Pastor Proceso López should be a happy man. He has a beautiful wife, two daughters, a thriving gynecological practice and ...Read Review

As Close to Us as Breathing

By Elizabeth Poliner - Published 2016


A family’s response to a tragedy is at the heart of this plaintive novel, set in late 1940s Connecticut. Three sisters, Ada, ...Read Review

At the Existentialist Cafe: Freedom, Being and Apricot Cocktails

By Sarah Bakewell - Published 2016



Sarah Bakewell’s latest non-fiction book, At the Existentialist Café, documents her passion for existentialism through linked biographies of the movements’ King and ...Read Review

The Unfortunate Englishman

By John Lawton - Published 2016



I confess that I do enjoy ambiguous titles. Does “the unfortunate Englishman” refer to MI6 agent, Joe Holderness, dragged back into the government ...Read Review

Never Surrender: Winston Churchill & Britain’s Decision to Fight Nazi Germany in the Fateful Summer of 1940

By John Kelly - Published 2015



Never Surrender describes the political machinations taking place in Britain during 1939 and 1940, when the Cabinet debated whether to negotiate peace with Hitler or ...Read Review

Francesco’s Song

By C. M. Furio - Published 2015


C. M. Furio’s Francesco’s Song follows the fortunes of a young man named Francesco whose life mirrors the experiences of many ...Read Review