20th Century

The Bones of Paradise

By Jonis Agee - Published 2016



This book isn’t sure what it wants to be: gritty western, family saga, murder mystery, coy romance, historical recounting of the massacre ...Read Review

Because You Despise Me

By J. S. Cook - Published 2016



American Jake Plenty runs a saloon and brothel in World War II Morocco. Resistance fighter Abaroa kills a German soldier in the brothel ...Read Review

The Ballroom

By Anna Hope - Published 2016Published 2016-09-06


It is the long hot summer of 1911, and Dr Charles Fuller works as a First Medical Officer at the Sharston Lunatic Asylum in ...Read Review

The Cigar Factory

By Michele Moore - Published 2016


I’ve never been to Charleston, South Carolina, but this book brought the place alive for me.  It presents a rich atmosphere, allowing ...Read Review

The Chosen Ones

By Steve Sem-Sandberg - Published 2016



It should be said from the outset: a 576-page book about the worst kind of evil is not easy to read. In fact, ...Read Review

The English Girl

By Katherine Webb - Published 2016


Joan Seabrook is a young archaeologist who dreams of visiting Arabia and is particularly interested in exploring the desert fort of Jabrin, said ...Read Review

Valley of the Moon

By Melanie Gideon - Published 2016



Lux is a single mom, with a penchant for making bad life decisions, living in the San Francisco area in the 1970s. She ...Read Review

Wild Lavender

By Belinda Alexandra - Published 2016Published c2004


When 14-year-old Simone Fleurier is sent away from her family’s lavender farm in Provence to work for her miserable great-aunt in Marseilles, ...Read Review

Diana’s Altar: A Joe Sandilands Investigation

By Barbara Cleverly - Published 2016



If you haven’t encountered Joe Sandilands before (Enter Pale Death, 2015), he is a smart and experienced investigator who came up through the ...Read Review

The Age of Treachery: A Duncan Forrester Mystery

By Gavin Scott - Published 2016



World War II has ended, and Special Operations Executive Agent Duncan Forrester is teaching ancient history at Oxford College. As he tries to ...Read Review