20th Century

Champion of the World

By Chad Dundas - Published 2016


Witty, wiry Pepper Van Dean used to be the lightweight wrestling champion of the world. But one broken leg and five years later, ...Read Review

War and Turpentine

By David McKay (trans.) - By Stefan Hertmans - Published 2016


Biographical FictionLiterary

Classified as fiction, this fascinating book seems to be a hybrid of memoir, biography and fiction. The author’s subject is his grandfather, ...Read Review

Death at the Paris Exposition

By Frances McNamara - Published 2016



In McNamara’s first mystery featuring Emily Cabot, Emily investigated a death at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. In Emily’...Read Review

Happy Independence Day

By Michael Rupured - Published 2016


This is a gritty and well-researched vision of gay life in New York City during the famous Stonewall riots of the 1960s. Multiple ...Read Review


By Miranda Beverly-Whittemore - Published 2016


Cassie Danvers has inherited her grandmother June’s crumbling Ohio mansion, Two Oaks.  She is haunted by dreams of its previous occupants and ...Read Review

Of Better Blood

By Susan Moger - Published 2016


Children/Young AdultMystery/CrimeThriller

In 1922 New York, a teenage girl contracts polio. Her father sends her to a carnival troupe, where she performs plays advocating the danger ...Read Review

A Shocking Assassination

By Cora Harrison - Published 2016



This second entry in Harrison’s Reverend Mother Mysteries should please readers who demand storylines where the historical setting plays a vital role. ...Read Review

Projekt 1065

By Alan Gratz - Published 2016


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

In 1943 Berlin, if you’re a boy, you’re in the Hitler Youth. Although Michael O’Shaunessey is the son of the Irish ...Read Review

Les Parisiennes

By Anne Sebba - Published 2016



The struggles and accomplishments of women in Paris under the Nazi occupation during WWII have often been overlooked in history, and their contributions ...Read Review

The Years That Followed

By Catherine Dunne - Published 2016


In 1966 Dublin, Calista is seventeen and fettered by her strict parents’ standards – standards about social class, the right cutlery to use, the people ...Read Review