20th Century

Blood and Fears: How America’s Bomber Boys and Girls in England Won their War

By Kevin Wilson - Published 2016



Most of us are, to varying degrees, aware of the appalling loss of life sustained by the men of Bomber Command and the ...Read Review

Sirius: The Little Dog Who Almost Changed History

By Jonathan Crown - Published 2016



Sirius, Jonathan Crown’s debut novel, first appeared in Germany in 2014. Having made the bestseller list there, the book is now available in ...Read Review

Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms

By Anita Heiss - Published 2016


The small Australian town of Cowra, New South Wales, was the location for a major World War II prisoner-of-war camp. In August 1944, over 1,100 ...Read Review

The Book of Harlan

By Bernice L. McFadden - Published 2016


Biographical FictionLiterary

In 1917, Harlan Elliot is born in Macon, Georgia, the grandson of a revered minister whose daughter and carpenter husband leave their son to ...Read Review

Autumn in Oxford

By Alex Rosenberg - Published 2016



Rosenberg’s second novel, (after The Girl from Krakow, 2015), is both a poignant love story and a suspenseful thriller, which guides a man ...Read Review

Southern Ruby

By Belinda Alexandra - Published 2016


This dual narrative contains the familiar trademarks of a Belinda Alexandra novel: an uncommon setting and sympathetic characters forced to make compromises because ...Read Review

Full of Beans

By Jennifer L. Holm - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

This story is set during the Great Depression in Key West, Florida. Beans Curry, along with his pals Pork Chop, Kermit, and Too ...Read Review

Halfpenny Dreams

By Frances Brody - Published 2016



I began this novel thinking that it was going to be a typical romantic saga, but there are several incidents, some poignant and ...Read Review

Broken Stone

By Gabriele Goldstone - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

In 1931 Russia, Stalin’s ruthless machine catches an innocent family of poor farmers in its iron grip.The father is reported as anti-Communist, ...Read Review

Stranger Than We Can Imagine: Making Sense of the Twentieth Century

By John Higgs - Published 2016



The author examines that extraordinary century, the twentieth, which really did bear little relation to any that had preceded it. Now that we ...Read Review