1st Century

The Eagle and the Dragon

By Lewis F. McIntyre - Published 2017



It started with a gamble.  While facing execution at the hand of the Parthians following the battle of Carrhae, the last surviving regiment ...Read Review

Eagles in the Storm

By Ben Kane - Published 2017



It is AD 15 and Arminius, the leader of the Cherusci tribe, has finally succeeded in welding together the disparate German tribes under his ...Read Review

Feast of Sorrow

By Crystal King - Published 2017


As a slave about to go on the auction block in 1st-century Rome, Thrasius has few hopes for his future. He hitches his ...Read Review

The Fisherman’s Bride: The Untold Story of the Wife of Simon Peter

By Catherine Magia - Published 2016


When Hasar, a rich merchant, makes an offer to marry the (deliberately unnamed) heroine, she is appalled. Not only is the merchant crass ...Read Review

The Dog Who Was There

By Ron Marasco - Published 2017



Barley is born in the wilds of Judea to a loving mother dog. Life starts off tough and challenging until the mongrel pup ...Read Review

The Roman Quests: The Archers of Isca

By Caroline Lawrence - Published 2017


AdventureChildren/Young AdultMilitary

Britannia, AD 95. Fronto, Juba and Ursula, Roman refugees from the Emperor Domitian’s murder squad, are now living in a Belgae village in ...Read Review

A Hope at the End of the World

By D.W. Lovett (trans.) - By Sarah Lark - Published 2017


In 1944, with WWII raging, two Polish orphans, 16-year-old Luzyna and 19-year-old Helena, are surviving in the relative safety of a refugee camp in ...Read Review

Bread of Angels

By Tessa Afshar - Published 2017



Lydia is the daughter of a well-established cloth dyer whose purple is unmatched. When her father is falsely accused of theft, and his ...Read Review


By Adrian Goldsworthy - Published 2017



AD 98. Flavius Ferox is a Briton and a Roman centurion, a Regionarius of a small district at the furthest northern reach of the ...Read Review

Arminius: The Limits of Empire

By Robert Fabbri - Published 2017



9 AD. Arminius of the Cherusci leads an alliance of six Germanic tribes against the might of the Roman Empire. The story is told ...Read Review

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