19th Century

Murder At Bertram’s Bower

By Cynthia Peale - Published 2001



When two residents of Bertram’s Bower, a house for fallen women, are found violently murdered, shock reverberates amongst residents of the upscale ...Read Review

Hang My Head And Cry

By Elena Santangelo - Published 2001



Pat Montella, a refugee from Philadelphia blessed with Sight, now lives in rural Virginia with Miss Maggie Shelby. In Miss Maggie’s back ...Read Review

Kelly and the Three-Toed Horse

By Peter Bowen - Published 2001


AdventureBiographical Fiction

Based on the real-life adventures of the legendary Luther “Yellowstone” Kelly, or so it’s claimed, this is the third book in the ...Read Review

Treasures of the North (Yukon Quest)

By Tracie Peterson - Published 2001Published 2001-01-01



This is a remarkable book of the gold rush in Alaska, and the adventures of a young lady who is running from a ...Read Review

Mrs. Jeffries Weeds the Plot

By Emily Brightwell - Published 2000



This is the latest in the many-volume Victorian Mystery series, starring Mrs. Jeffries. Housekeeper to Inspector Witherspoon, her detective skills far outweigh his, ...Read Review

Second Chances

By Andrea Pickens - Published 2000Published 2000-01-01



There is a little bit of a mystery involved with this recent regency romance, just enough to add some zest to a rather ...Read Review

In Sunlight, In a Beautiful Garden

By Kathleen Cambor - Published 2001


Biographical Fiction

The Johnstown Flood of 1889 in Pennsylvania was one of the worst disasters in American history: over 2,200 people died, including 99 whole families. Kathleen Cambor ...Read Review

The China Bride

By Mary Jo Putney - Published 2000



Troth Montgomery was born to a Scottish father and a Chinese mother and grew up in Macao. When her father dies she goes ...Read Review


By Orson Scott Card - Published 2001


Biographical FictionInspirational

The story takes place between 1819 and 1919 and is a fictional biography of Dinah Kirkham, a woman who was central in the growth and ...Read Review

The Borderland: A Novel of Texas

By Edwin Shrake - Published 2000



Reviewers should be as forthcoming and honest as possible in all their writings. In keeping with that principle, I will state that I ...Read Review