19th Century

The Refuge

By Ann H. Gabhart - Published 2019


Inspirational Romance

1849. To avoid a cholera epidemic, Darcie and her husband take refuge in the Shaker village of Harmony Hill in rural Kentucky. But before ...Read Review

Rebecca’s Children: A Saga of Love & Betrayal in 19th Century Wales

By Kate Dunn - Published 2018



Between 1839 and 1843, the Rebecca Riots in South Wales brought the wrath of the English army down on the farmers and laborers protesting rising ...Read Review

Innocents to the Slaughter (Hudson & Lawes Trilogy)

By Helen Maskew - Published 2018



1839: following a tipoff, undercover journalist Ambrose Hudson, his aristocratic friend Edgar Lawes, and a teenage boy rescued from a workhouse head north from ...Read Review

The Scoundrel in Her Bed: A Sin for All Seasons Novel

By Lorraine Heath - Published 2019



After she left her ducal groom at the altar in the second Sins for all Seasons book, Lady Lavinia Kent plunged into Victorian ...Read Review

What Girls Are Good For: A Novel of Nellie Bly

By David Blixt - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Frustrated by the lack of opportunities available to a young woman of her modest standing, Elizabeth Cochrane is outraged when the Pittsburg Dispatch ...Read Review

Road to Antietam

By Tom E. Hicklin - Published 2018



The reality of war for Daniel and Christopher Galloway is mostly marching back and forth or digging ditches. The rebels stay one step ...Read Review

The Lights of Cimarrón

By Jim Jones - Published 2019



Tommy Stallings, sheriff of Cimarron in New Mexico Territory, is ordered to relocate to the new county seat in Springer, several miles away. ...Read Review

Fugitive Sheriff

By Edward Massey - Published 2019



In July 1883, during the celebration of Pioneer Day in Coalville in Summit County, Utah Territory, the Sheriff is killed in a shoot-out. Arriving ...Read Review

Destiny’s Gold (Captain Jane Thorn)

By Pamela Grimm - Published 2018



It’s 1820—trade restrictions in the wake of the War of 1812 have ceased, and Napoleon is safely ensconced on the island of St. ...Read Review

Thomas and Beal in the Midi: A Novel

By Christopher Tilghman - Published 2019



In the early 1890s, childhood friends, now newlyweds Beal Terrell and Thomas Bayly, leave their native Maryland. Their departure would be unremarkable, except ...Read Review