19th Century

Once A Scoundrel (Rogues Redeemed)

By Mary Jo Putney - Published 2018



1814. Lady Aurora Octavia Lawrence, aka Roaring Rory, a dismayingly independent adventurer, is captured by Barbary pirates, with the promise of a lifetime as ...Read Review

Cold Bayou (A Benjamin January Mystery)

By Barbara Hambly - Published 2018



In 1830s New Orleans, Benjamin January must fight for not only his freedom, but for the freedom of his entire family in Hambly’...Read Review

Sound of Distant Thunder (The Amish of Weaver’s Creek)

By Jan Drexler - Published 2018



The title reference is to the American Civil War. Being members of a peace church, most Amish do not believe in fighting wars. ...Read Review

Washington Black

By Esi Edugyan - Published 2018



The future looks bleak for Washington Black, for what does an 11-year-old slave on a Barbados sugar plantation have to look forward to ...Read Review

Dactyl Hill Squad

By Daniel Jose Older - Published 2018


Children/Young AdultFantasy

Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes fly the skies and wander the streets of New York City in 1863. The Civil War rages off ...Read Review

Sons of Blackbird Mountain (A Blackbird Mountain Novel)

By Joanne Bischof - Published 2018



Aven Norgaard, the young Irish widow of a Norwegian shipwright who had plucked her from a workhouse years ago, arrives in 1890 Virginia to ...Read Review

The Rebel Killer

By Paul Fraser Collard - Published 2018



Instead of retreating to Boston with the defeated Union army, after the battle of Manassas, Jack Lark and the escaped slave Rose intend ...Read Review

A Suggestion of Scandal: A Regency Novel

By Catherine Kullmann - Published 2018



Devonshire in the early 19th century is a quiet place, the peace only broken by a rowdy group of gentlemen racing through the ...Read Review

Dominion: The History of England from the Battle of Waterloo to Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee

By Peter Ackroyd - Published 2018



Does the world need another history of England? The fifth in Ackroyd’s series takes on a big challenge: England revels in the ...Read Review

Celtic Knot: A Clara Swift Tale

By Ann Shortell - Published 2018-03-21


Biographical FictionMystery/Crime

Celtic Knot is a story of hope, heroes, loyalty and patriotism, as seen through the eyes of 15-year-old serving girl Clara Swift, a ...Read Review