19th Century

The Kelsey Outrage: The Crime of the Century

By Alison Louise Hubbard - Published 2024



A historic plaque in Huntingdon, New York, commemorates a despicable crime, when a young Irish poet and Sunday school teacher, who had the ...Read Review

Rebel Falls

By Tim Wendel - Published 2024


In the latter stages of the Civil War, the Confederacy wanted to disrupt the northern border of the United States in the hopes ...Read Review

Of Hoaxes and Homicide (A Dear Miss Hermione Mystery, 2)

By Anastasia Hastings - Published 2024



In 1885, Violet Manville is five months into her secret persona as Miss Hermione, Britain’s best-loved Agony Aunt, and finding it a tad ...Read Review

A Home for Friendless Women

By Kelly E. Hill - Published 2024


Kelly E. Hill’s debut reads like a living, breathing scrapbook about the women from the titular Home, a religious organization from late 19...Read Review

Spitting Gold

By Carmella Lowkis - Published 2024


Baroness Sylvie Devereux and her sister, Charlotte Mothe, agree to pull off one last scam in this gothic, sapphic romance, set in Paris ...Read Review

The Golden Hour

By Jacquie Bloese - Published 2024


Victorian England had a problem with a new technology which created such an upsurge of pornography that it became accessible even to schoolboys. ...Read Review


By Gwen Tuinman - Published 2024


Unrest centres on the raw beginnings of Ottawa, called Bytown, in 1836 – a squalid, crime-and-booze-infested shantytown. Mariah, badly facially scarred from a vicious dog ...Read Review

The Incorrigibles

By Meredith Jaeger - Published 2024


San Francisco, 1972: Twenty-five-year-old Judy has recently separated from her abusive, unfaithful husband. Women’s liberation is in the air, and Judy dreams of ...Read Review

An Inconvenient Letter (Proper Romance)

By Julie Wright - Published 2024


Inspirational Romance

Young Marietta Stone thinks she is indulging in a safe fantasy by writing to her friend’s brother, Mr. Frederick Finch—until her ...Read Review

Throne of Grace: A Mountain Man, an Epic Adventure, and the Bloody Conquest of the American West

By Bob Drury - By Tom Clavin - Published 2024



Jed Smith and guide Thomas Fitzpatrick are searching for water. It is May 1831, and the wagon train they are leading is desperate: water ...Read Review