19th Century

Innocence and Anarchy

By John Canzanella - Published 2010


Nikolai Bobrikov rises to prominence, becoming Governor General of Finland. He finds that his power allows him to further continue the oppressive ways ...Read Review

Yellow Crocus

By Laila Ibrahim - Published 2010


Yellow Crocus, set in the antebellum era, tells the story of Hattie, an enslaved wet-nurse, living at Fair Oakes, a Virginia plantation, and ...Read Review

Balfour and the Cargo of Innocence

By D. Allen Miles - Published 2010



In this new addition to Balfour’s adventures we encounter Myles and his crew setting sail for Saint Domingue, where the ship is ...Read Review

With Hearts Courageous

By Jon Steven Nappa - Published 2010


Biographical FictionNautical

With Hearts Courageous is the second installment in the life of Sir William Hillary, founder of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). Although ...Read Review

Truncate: A Victorian Suspense Story

By Michael Toledano - Published 2011



Timothy Brompton, after a varied life that has included gaining a knowledge of boxing and a use of firearms from a sortie into ...Read Review

Grant Me Timely Grace

By Timothy Woods - Published 2010



A spy thriller set in Washington DC during the American Civil War, Grant Me Timely Grace is relentless, grabbing you from page one ...Read Review

Jenkins: Confederate Blockade Runner

By Emily Hill - Published 2011


This novel opens by following a trio of characters -– C. T. Jenkins, Lucy Davey, and John Peabody Colburn – in much biographical detail ...Read Review

South By Southwest

By Johnny D. Boggs - Published 2011



Zeb Hogan has a mission to carry out for the Union’s 16th Wisconsin: find and kill the traitor Sergeant Ben DeVere. It ...Read Review

The Girl in the Gatehouse

By Julie Klassen - Published 2010



Basing her book on several elements and characters of Austen novels and on Jane’s life itself, Klassen combines numerous characters, situations, and ...Read Review

The Grave Robber’s Secret

By Anna Myers - Published 2010


Children/Young Adult

In 1800s Philadelphia, Robby Hare is a sensitive and intelligent twelve-year-old boy whose mother runs a boarding house. His ne’er-do-well father, a ...Read Review