19th Century

Lovelier than Daylight

By Rosslyn Elliott - Published 2012



Residents of the highly religious town of Westerville, Ohio, were proud of the part they played in the abolition movement, including their involvement ...Read Review

Utopian Man

By Lisa Lang - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

Lang’s award-winning debut is a delight, as a novel, as biography, and as history. Based on the life of Edward Cole, Utopian ...Read Review

A Study in Revenge

By Kieran Shields - Published 2013



1893, Portland, Maine. Deputy Marshal Archie Lean is called to investigate a burned body and strange occult symbols in an abandoned house. Even stranger ...Read Review

Emerald Star

By Jacqueline Wilson - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

1891. Fourteen-year-old Hetty Feather has had a life of adventure but also tragedy. Left in an orphanage as a baby, she was fostered with ...Read Review

Because of the Camels

By Brenda Blair - Published 2012


Alternate History

Sixteen-year-old Elizabeth McDermott is excited: she is making her debut into Galveston, Texas society, and her mother’s cousin will soon be in ...Read Review

A Lady Never Lies

By Juliana Gray - Published 2012



Italy, 1890. When investment losses decimate her fortune, Lady Alexandra Morley rents a remote Tuscan castle to get away from her creditors. Upon arrival, ...Read Review

All Things New

By Lynn Austin - Published 2012



All Things New is a captivating novel about Reconstruction in the South. The story focuses on three women: Josephine Weatherly, her mother Eugenia, ...Read Review

The Silver Thread

By Kylie Fitzpatrick - Published 2012


Inspired by a real historical artefact, The Rajan Quilt, sewn by women convicts on their way to Australia, this novel moves from Ireland ...Read Review

Gideon’s Call

By Peter Leavell - Published 2012


The Battle of Port Royal, which took place on November 7, 1861, was a pivotal Union victory during the Civil War. The successful capture of ...Read Review

The Ripper Secret

By Jack Steel - Published 2012



Jerusalem, 1870. In an illegal excavation, Charles Warren locates and removes a priceless artefact from its ancient hiding place. Years later, he is still ...Read Review