19th Century

Canyon of Danger

By Susan K. Marlow - Published 2013


AdventureChildren/Young AdultWestern

Sheriff Coulter has to escort a prisoner to Sacramento. He leaves his only son in charge of the family ranch for a few ...Read Review

The Dancing Master

By Julie Klassen - Published 2013



Alec Valcourt, a dancing master by trade, finds himself and his family at the mercy of his uncle’s generosity in the village ...Read Review

The Maid of Milan

By Beverley Eikli - Published 2014


Why should frail Adelaide Leeson, three years married to Lord Tristan, so dread a visit from his friend, James, now Viscount Dewhurst and ...Read Review

Leap the Wild Water

By Jenny Lloyd - Published 2013



Eli Jenkins has returned and Megan Jones intends to marry him, to turn back the clock and undo the bitter consequences of her ...Read Review

The Man Who Walked Away

By Maud Casey - Published 2014



Maud Casey’s poetic and beautiful account of a late 19th-century French mental asylum explores both patients’ and caregivers’ struggle with the new ...Read Review

Secrets of Seduction

By Nicole Jordan - Published 2014



In this entry in her Legendary Lovers series of Wilde family adventures, it’s time for “Beauty and the Beast” to get a ...Read Review

Dangerous Waves

By Amanda Taylor - Published 2013



Dangerous Waves by was originally published under the title The Chinaman’s Bastard in August 2009 but has been re-visited by the author, substantially ...Read Review

The Middle of Nowhere

By Geraldine McCaughrean - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

Comity Pinny’s mother dies of a snake bite in the remote Australian outback where her father runs the telegraph station in Kinkindele. ...Read Review

The Memory of Scent

By Lisa Burkitt - Published 2013Published c2012



Fleur and Babette, two women in 1883 Paris, move in the same circles of the Impressionist movement but with very different results. Their lives ...Read Review

The Homesman

By Glendon Swarthout - Published 2014Published c1988



Anyone who imagines that a homesteader’s life on America’s Great Plains was all “Little House on the Prairie” hasn’t tried ...Read Review