19th Century

Ashes on the Moor

By Sarah M. Eden - Published 2018



Eden sets the bar for quality and sweetness with her new novel in Shadow Mountain’s Proper Romance line. Bereaved and gently born ...Read Review

The Trading Post and Other Frontier Stories

By Hazel I. Rumney (ed.) - Published 2018


Short StoriesWestern

This anthology contains fourteen short traditional Western and American frontier stories, selected and edited by Hazel Rumney, set up to the early 1900s ...Read Review

The Awful Killing of Sarah Watts: A Story of Confessions, Acquittals and Jailbreaks

By David Lassman - By Mick Davis - Published 2018



On 24 September 1851, 14-year old Sarah Watts was brutally murdered at a farmhouse near Frome in Somerset while her parents were at market. At ...Read Review

Scandalous: The Victoria Woodhull Saga, Volume Two: Fame, Infamy, and Paradise Lost

By Neal Katz - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Victoria Woodhull and Tennessee Celeste Claflin are spiritual mystics, owners of high-end brothels, financial traders, journalists and publicly acknowledged advocates of women’s ...Read Review

Sister and Brother

By Agneta Pleijel - Published 2018


In 1829, Isaac Berg seemed destined for greatness. He toured Europe for several years as an operatic tenor, and anyone talented enough to bring ...Read Review

Sparks of Light

By Janet B. Taylor - Published 2018


Children/Young AdultTime-slip

In this sequel to her acclaimed Into the Dim, Janet B. Taylor brings the cast of delightfully human and completely accessible characters to ...Read Review

Engraved on the Heart

By Tara Johnson - Published 2018



Childhood friends Micah and Keziah both hide scandalous secrets. As a trained physician, Micah tries to help Keziah after she suffers an epileptic ...Read Review

The Flower Shop

By Edwin Mills (trans.) - By Petra Durst-Benning - Published 2018



This second book in the Seed Traders’ Saga (after The Seed Woman) begins in 1871 with Flora and her mother traveling to Baden-Baden to ...Read Review

A Child Went Forth

By Boston Teran - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

In 1855, Charlemagne “Charlie” Ezekiel Griffin begins a life-transforming journey from New York to Missouri. Behind every day of that experience is the impression ...Read Review

Lady Bird and the Fox

By Kim Kelly - Published 2018


Lady Bird and the Fox is Australian author, Kim Kelly’s seventh historical fiction novel. Kelly tells stories set in Australia’s past ...Read Review