18th Century

The Purchase

By Linda Spalding - Published 2012Published 2013


In the winter of 1798, Daniel Dickinson and his young family are cast out by the elders of their tightknit Quaker community in Pennsylvania ...Read Review

Seven Locks

By Christine Wade - Published 2013


In 1769, after an argument with his wife, an angry farmer stalks off into the Catskill Mountains with his dog, Wolf, to go hunting. ...Read Review

Greays Hill

By Jon Beattiey - Published 2012



Jack Charlton is a drover. An independent herdsman who takes cattle across the Border country, the No-Mans-Land between Scotland and England.  His is ...Read Review

Surgeon’s Mate

By Linda Collison - Published 2010



Surgeon’s Mate (Book Two of the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventure Series) is a delightful fictional first person narration inspired by the experience ...Read Review

Fame and Infamy: Adventures of an American Maid in Paris

By Ivy Polansky - Published 2012



Tired of small town living, Cornelia “Nelly” McKay is ready to get out of Montana and have an adventure. Never did Nelly imagine ...Read Review

Sophia’s War

By Avi - Published 2012


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

It’s 1776, and 12-year-old Sophia is a patriot trapped in British-occupied New York City. Her father has been injured in the fighting, her ...Read Review

Henrietta Street

By J.D Oswald - Published 2012



In the year 1780, Eve Martin watches as a fire consumes Knowle Manor in Devon, England, the home of her friends, the Crosse family. ...Read Review

Nelson: The Sword of Albion

By John Sugden - Published 2012



“Then something surprising happened,” writes this beguiling author. It certainly does, not only on that occasion but throughout. Falling in love with The ...Read Review

Countess So Shameless

By Liana LeFey - Published 2012



Mélisande Compton, the Countess of Wilmington, may be an English peer, but she has a secret that, if revealed, would shock the ...Read Review

Pyg: The Memoirs of Toby, the Learned Pig

By Russell Potter - Published 2012


In the late 18th century theatrics and amusements abounded, and one famous act was Toby the learned pig, who was able to read ...Read Review