18th Century

The Last Banquet

By Jonathan Grimwood - Published 2013



Jean-Marie d’Aumout’s sharply distinctive and intelligent voice narrates his life story spanning 18th-century France, from desperate poverty to the viciousness of ...Read Review

The Fountain of St James Court or, Portrait of the Artist as an Old Woman

By Sena Jeter Naslund - Published 2013



Writing two novels in one, Naslund juxtaposes chapters set up as “Fountain” or “Portrait” to chronicle two artistic women: Kathryn Callahan, a 69-year-old ...Read Review

Neville’s Quest

By Ken Holdsworth - Published 2012



The action takes place in 1754. Thomas Neville is in search of his lost love Emily, and to find her, he travels across the ...Read Review

George Washington: Gentleman Warrior

By Stephen Brumwell - Published 2013



George Washington is the subject of seemingly countless biographies, and his conduct and exploits are detailed in every survey of the American War ...Read Review

The Double Cross (Spanish Brand)

By Carla Kelly - Published 2013



In her new novel set in 1780, Carla Kelly presents a very simple plotline of brand inspector Marco Mondragon opening his heart again despite ...Read Review

Cardinal Points (Edge of Empire series)

By Dory Codington - Published 2013


“There is nothing so superfluous as the fourth son of a duke” – so muses young Jason, the hero of Dory Codington’s energetic ...Read Review

The Spirit Keeper

By K.B. Laugheed - Published 2013


Western Pennsylvania’s earliest frontier settlers know they are taking a risk. In 1747, tension is building between English colonists and French Canada, for ...Read Review

Anna Goeldin -The Last Witch

By Evelyn Hassler - By Mary Bryant (trans.) - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

In 1780 Switzerland, Anna Goeldin, 46, is unmarried, footloose, and attractive. She accepts a position as a maid for one of Glarus canton’s most ...Read Review


By Catherine Johnson - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

‘Medical science is flourishing, and in London the illegal trade in corpses has never been more… alive.’ This quote sums up the novel ...Read Review

Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea

By Lisa Martin - By Valerie Martin - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

In the time of sailing ships and pirates, two cats, brothers Anton and Cecil, live near the docks of Lunenburg. Anton is very ...Read Review