18th Century

No Rest for the Dove

By Margaret Miles - Published 2000



No Rest for the Dove reunites Charlotte Willett and Richard Longfellow, neighbors and amateur sleuths in colonial Massachusetts, in solving a murder. The ...Read Review

A Time for Treason

By Anne Newton Walther - Published 2000


After George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River, they fought the British Army using gunpowder obtained from Bermuda, a British colony. ...Read Review

Dark Eagle: A Novel of Benedict Arnold and the American Revolution

By John Ensor Harr - Published 1999


Biographical FictionMilitary

The name Benedict Arnold is synonymous with the word “traitor” in the American vocabulary. With this novel the author attempts to set the ...Read Review

The Secret Wife of King George IV

By Diane Haeger - Published 2000



Diane Haeger is no stranger to tales of royal romance, having dramatized the love story of Henri II of France and Diane de ...Read Review