18th Century

Maria’s Story: 1773


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

The death of her father turns nine-year-old Maria Rand’s world upside down. When her mother should be teaching her the skills needed ...Read Review

Madame de Pompadour

By Nancy Mitford - Published 2001



As a child, Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson went to a fortuneteller who told her that one day she would reign over the heart of a ...Read Review

Son Of The Sword

By J. Ardian Lee - Published 2001



Dylan Mattheson is a modern-day American martial arts and sword instructor who is transported to 18th-century Scotland when he is caught up in ...Read Review

The Lost Band

By Don Coldsmith - Published 2000



At the annual Big Council of the People an empty place is reserved in honor of the Lost Band who, at some point ...Read Review

The Franklin Affair (An Henri Gruel Adventure)

By Ty Drago - Published 2001



Written in the first person, Henri Gruel looks back to his youth and his adventures with Benjamin Franklin during the time of the ...Read Review

The Sweet Trade

By Elizabeth Garrett - Published 2001



This book fictionalizes the short and colorful careers of the two best-known female pirates ever to sail together, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, ...Read Review

A Mischief in the Snow

By Margaret Miles - Published 2001



This mystery is the fourth in a series featuring widowed sleuth Charlotte Willett and set in the village of Bracebridge, Massachusetts shortly before ...Read Review

Prelude to Glory, v.1: Our Sacred Honor

By Ron Carter - Published 1998



Ron Carter is a deeply religious individual who intends his multi-volume work on the Dunson family of Boston to serve as an example ...Read Review

The Old American

By Ernest Hebert - Published 2000


Biographical FictionLiterary

This wonderful story fictionalizes the real life captivity of Nathan Blake, an English settler who was taken prisoner during a French raid on ...Read Review

Last Refuge of Scoundrels: A Revolutionary Tail

By Paul Lussier - Published 2000


Biographical FictionMilitary

Somewhere far to the south of history as we know it lies the truth. And somewhere not too far south of that lies ...Read Review