18th Century

Casanova In Bohemia

By Andrei Codrescu - Published 2002


Biographical FictionLiterary

Giacomo Casanova was born in Venice in 1725, but author Codrescu opens his novel with an aging Casanova inhabiting a Bohemian castle writing his ...Read Review

The History Of Sir Henry

By Netta Cruse - Published 2002


Biographical FictionSaga

Sir Henry Morland, the infamous scoundrel, has reserved all of his affection for his orphaned niece, Lady Frances Pleckham, whom he has not ...Read Review

The Canebrake Men

By Cameron Judd - Published 2001


By the end of this, the final of three volumes, Tennessee has at long last become a state, but more than the history ...Read Review

For Love Or Country

By Kerrelyn Sparks - Published 2002



Frothy as a syllabub, For Love or Country has a sparse texture with minimal description, except when it serves the character interplay. Sparks’ ...Read Review

The Scottish Thistle

By Cindy Vallar - Published 2001



This romantic historical novel chronicles the events of Scotland’s Rising of 1745 for “Bonnie Prince Charlie,” as experienced by Rory MacGregor and Duncan ...Read Review

Outlaw Sword

By J. Ardian Lee - Published 2002



In this sequel to Son of the Sword (Ace, 2001), Dylan Matheson again finds himself in eighteenth century Scotland on a mission. This time, ...Read Review

The Measure of the World

By Arthur Goldhammer (trans.) - By Denis Guedj - Published 2001



In June, 1792, two astronomers set off from Paris on what proves to be a six-year mission–to survey the meridian running through France ...Read Review

Ama: A Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade

By Manu Herbstein - Published 2000


Eighteenth-century Africa is a land of many tribes and kingdoms–and many enmities between them. While tending her young brother one day, young ...Read Review

The Linwoods, or “Sixty Years Since in America”

By Catharine Maria Sedgwick - Published 2002



Readers of historical and classic fiction should welcome this new edition of an early woman novelist’s most highly-regarded work. A lengthy introduction ...Read Review

The Floating Brothel

By Sian Rees - Published 2002



The Floating Brothel tells the story of “…ordinary women who, by a caprice of fate, found themselves in extraordinary circumstances.” These women are ...Read Review