18th Century

Barely Proper

By Shannon Donnelly - Published 2003



In this romance set in England in the mid 1700s, Sylvain Harwood, nearly 20, considers herself the family disappointment due to her tomboy ways. ...Read Review

The Black Violin

By Maxence Fermine - By tr. from the French by Chris Mulhern - Published 2003



At age five, Johannes Karelsky hears a gypsy violinist and quickly becomes a musical prodigy as a result. Being drafted into Napoleon’s ...Read Review

The Honourable Earl

By Mary Nichols - Published 2003



Set in 1763, this is the romance of Lydia Fostyn and the Earl of Blackwater. Lydia is being pressured into marrying a wealthy but ...Read Review

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Murder

By Karen Swee - Published 2004



In the New Jersey river port of New Brunswick, the town inhabitants had a front row seat of the war action in early 1777. ...Read Review

Warrior Woman

By Dark Rain Thom - By James Alexander Thom - Published 2003


Biographical FictionEpic

The story of Nonhelema needs to be told. A Shawnee whose name means “Not a Man,” she lived during the Revolutionary War and ...Read Review

Thunder on the Dos Gatos

By Paul Bagdon -



This Western with inspirational elements is the fourth in the West Texas Sunrise series. It continues the adventures of Marshall Ben Flood and ...Read Review

Slightly Tempted

By Mary Balogh - Published 2003



Lady Morgan Bedwyn is visiting Brussels in June 1815, just prior to Waterloo. There she is seen by Gervase Ashford, a man who hates ...Read Review

The Impending Storm

By Ron Carter - Published 2003



Volume 7 in the “Prelude to Glory” series follows the family of John Phelps Dunson, interwoven with documented commentary on the American Revolution. It ...Read Review

Lord John and the Private Matter

By Diana Gabaldon - Published 2003 (UK)Published 2003 (US)



In 1757, Lord John Grey, a high-ranking member of the King’s army, is appointed to investigate a brutal murder. At the same time, ...Read Review

Farewell, My Queen

By Chantal Thomas - Published 2003 (US)Published 2004 (UK)


Biographical Fiction

This story of Marie-Antoinette takes place over three days at Versailles, starting with 14 July, 1789. The Hall of Mirrors and other well-known grandeurs are ...Read Review