18th Century

Liberty’s Children: Stories of Eleven Revolutionary War Children

By Scotti Cohen - Published 2004



Liberty’s Children contains eleven different stories woven into a literary tapestry of the American Revolution. She writes about children of diverse backgrounds, ...Read Review

The Only Life That Mattered

By James L. Nelson - Published 2004


Biographical Fiction

The Only Life That Mattered is a faithful retelling of the lives of three eighteenth century Caribbean pirates, and Mr. Nelson couldn’t ...Read Review

North with de Anza

By Dorothy Ward Erskine - Published 2004


Children/Young Adult

This is a treasure! Even though it was written over four decades ago, the story holds well and will engage readers of all ...Read Review

The Orange Trees of Versailles

By Annie Pietri - Published 2004


Children/Young Adult

A very different picture of the court of the Sun King. This novel, written for young adults, is another one with an intriguing ...Read Review

New Found Land : Lewis and Clark’s Voyage of Discovery

By Allan Wolf - Published 2004


Children/Young Adult

This fictional account of the Lewis and Clark Expedition is told in multiple voices in a straightforward and entertaining lyrical form. Fourteen characters ...Read Review

Prince Across the Water

By Jane Yolen - By Robert J. Harris - Published 2004


Children/Young AdultMilitary

In August 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie lands in Scotland to regain the British throne for his father. Parliament had ousted his grandfather, James II, ...Read Review

Gun Ball Hill

By Ellen Cooney - Published 2004



In 1774 coastal Maine, after the beloved Mowlan family is massacred by Tories disguised as Indians, family and friends gather to mourn. Their isolated ...Read Review

Life Mask

By Emma Donohue - Published 2004



In her latest novel, Emma Donahue (Slammerkin) lifts all her characters from the pages of history and draws obvious parallels between that age ...Read Review

The Captain’s Vengeance

By Dewey Lambdin - Published 2004



The twelfth volume in the Alan Lewrie naval series finds the intrepid Royal Navy Captain involved in Foreign Office-sponsored undercover work in New ...Read Review

The Heart of Mid-Lothian

By Walter Scott - Published 2004



First published in 1818, The Heart of Mid-Lothian is the story of the Deans sisters, daughters of a prosperous farmer of the Edinburgh countryside ...Read Review