18th Century

Lichtenberg and the Little Flower Girl

By Gert Hoffman - Published 2004


Biographical FictionRomance

Translated from the German by the late author’s son, this fictional biography depicts an episode in the life of 18th century scholar ...Read Review

The Spithead Nymph

By Jan Needle - Published 2004



Instead of finding himself before a court-martial for smuggling, Midshipman William Bentley is promoted to lieutenant and assigned to the Biter. Although Captain ...Read Review

The Wicked Lover

By Julia Ross - Published 2004



Robert Sinclair Dovenby is London’s favorite rogue. His reputation with the ladies is well known. When his current paramour finds two women, ...Read Review

Love and Honor

By Randall Wallace - Published 2004



Implausible as it may seem, England sought to procure Russian troops to assist in putting down the American Revolution. While every American schoolchild ...Read Review

Other Sorrows, Other Joys

By Janet Warner - Published 2003


Biographical Fiction

I must admit to having been completely ignorant about Catherine Boucher Blake, William Blake’s wife, until I read this book. I’m ...Read Review

Sword of the White Rose

By J. Ardian Lee - Published 2004



This is the fourth and final volume of the historical fantasy series that began with the novel Son of the Sword (2001) and continued ...Read Review

Betrayal at Cross Creek

By Kathleen Ernst - Published 2004


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

(1) Twelve-year-old Elspeth Monro has come to North Carolina Colony from Scotland with her grandparents, Angus and Morag MacKinnon. Raised on tales of the ...Read Review

The Knight of Maison-Rouge

By Alexandre Dumas - Published 2003



Alexandre Dumas knew how to construct a fast-paced tale of adventure and romance, mixing history and fiction, and creating an atmosphere of intrigue ...Read Review


By Frances Sherwood - Published (c1993)Published 2004


Biographical Fiction

Originally published in 1993, the re-issue of Vindication in paperback is a welcome addition to any bedside table reading collection. This fictionalized version of ...Read Review

Havoc’s Sword

By Dewey Lambdin - Published 2003



The indefatigable Alan Lewrie sails yet again through troubled waters in Dewey Lambdin’s eleventh sea adventure. Lewrie, now a Captain in the ...Read Review